Faith in New Jersey is excited to announce that Dane Foster, a Jamaican immigrant who has been held in detention at the Essex County Correctional facility since December 2018, was released this week and is now home with his family.

A father of four and husband to a disabled veteran, Dane is a green card holder who was arrested by ICE because of old misdemeanor offense for which he paid fines several years ago. He was detained at the Essex County Correctional facility where serious health and safety violations have been documented.

Faith in New Jersey has been mobilizing on his behalf since his arrest, staging actions at the correctional facility and vigils at the New Jersey ICE Headquarters in Newark. Now that Dane is free, he is moving forward on filing an application for citizenship. We are celebrating his release, and would like to thank all of our leaders and community for working beside us on this effort. It is through your perseverance and faith that we are all able to celebrate this victory.