Faith in Action Fund

Faith in Action Fund is one of the most dynamic political action funds in the country. Deeply committed to building power in communities of color, Faith in Action Fund is making waves that will reverberate through multiple generations. The Fund has as a central premise a desire to make elected officials accountable to the communities in which they serve.

In addition to impacting gubernatorial, congressional, sheriff and prosecutorial races, the Fund is working to raise awareness about the policies and practices that feed the mass deportation machine and the criminal justice system.

The Fund’s has three primary goals:

  1. Helping people of faith who are organizing in local communities and states to develop power to hold elected officials accountable for representing their constituents and the common good.
  2. Closing the race and age gap in voting participation rates.
  3. Re-imagining and shifting the formula that governs the voting industry by centering voters of color in voter engagement programs so every person has the right to vote and every vote has equal power. Expanding access to the ballot box by fighting restrictive voting laws such as voter ID.

In addition to these goals, the Fund has launched innovative programs such as “Campaign Manager Schools” to train communities of color in the mechanics of running campaigns and holding campaigns accountable to marginalized communities. If you want to support this work, please consider making a donation today.

For more information, contact Faith in Action Fund Executive Director, Andrea Marta at