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Faith in Action believes that Faith must show up on the streets, in communities as well as in the halls of power.  Just as those who fought for racial and economic justice before us, our Faith reminds us of what is truly important. At Faith in Action, we work to change the world through the issue areas outlined below.

Economic Dignity

Our economy can and must work for everyone.

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Gun Violence

There are almost 12,000 gun murders per year in the U.S. (more than the annual death toll of U.S. soldiers…

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Health Care

What’s legal is not always what’s moral. Last year, Republicans cut health care for 13 million people and raised premiums…

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Immigrant Justice

Faith in Action is a network congregations and faith-based groups that believe all people are made in the image of…

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Mass Incarceration

With the highest incarceration rate in the world and one of the highest gun murder rates of any economically developed…

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Voting Rights / Democracy

We are organizing to expand access to the ballot box for people of color, persons who live in poverty and…

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Our national work is made possible through strong, local organizing. Get involved in your local federation to be a part of this movement.

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