Binsar Siahaan is free! Weeks of faithful resistance, advocacy, calls, emails and tweets – all of your energies and efforts – led to this result. After a partial victory three weeks ago when a judge told ICE to transfer Binsar to a detention center close to home, he was released in Baltimore on October 15 with little notice from ICE. The family was overjoyed by this surprise.

As we give Binsar and his family space to celebrate and be together, we hold in our sight the issues that led to Binsar being detained. These issues will need our continued advocacy moving forward:

  • ICE lied to Binsar – They told him they were checking on his ankle monitor to get him to leave his home so they could arrest him. This is an immoral tactic ICE is using with increasing frequency.
  • ICE violated its own Sensitive Locations policy by going on to church grounds to arrest Binsar. This policy is meant to keep people safe at faith communities, health care facilities, and schools. Violating this policy has huge ramifications for our communities.

Next Steps: 

  • You can continue supporting Binsar’s legal journey. Glenmont United Methodist Church has set up a fund to pay for Binsar’s and his wife, Eko’s, legal funds, which are substantial. Your donations are appreciated.
  • Welcome Binsar home by sending postcards or notes to his church or by posting a message to him and his family on social media with the hashtag #BinsarIsFree!