Missouri Faith Voices is a federation of Faith in Action and they’re celebrating another year of fighting for justice with the Missouri community. As things change and growing within the organization continues, we wanted to create a space to remember where Missouri Faith Voices has come from, as well as where it’s headed. Meet Daryll, Missouri Faith Voices Board Treasurer.

Who are you?

Darryl Cummings, I am the board treasurer [of Missouri Faith Voices].

How did you get to Missouri Faith Voices?

Our previous executive director who I knew also from seminary, she was very persuasive. I think is the “THING” of Missouri Faith Voices is to be very persuasive. She invited me, I couldn’t say no and here I am.

How was Missouri Faith Voices born?

Missouri Faith Voices was born in struggle. It was born in response to the needs of the community, and particularly people who weren’t getting access to healthcare like they should have. Clergy in Missouri responded in faith, you know, hence the name. So I’m gonna refer to a text in my tradition. I am Christian and Jesus tells a story about a woman who pestered, an unjust judge, who finally gave the woman justice, if nothing else, just to get the woman to leave him alone. So to me, what this, what this organization means , is that even if we’ve got to pest you, and you’ll give us justice just to leave you alone, then that’s what this organization means to me.

What is your fondest memory while being at Missouri Faith Voices?

You know, I’m tempted to say, something about a win, like a legislative win or whatever, but, that’s not what’s really sticking with me. What’s sticking with me is some feedback and just came up in conversation with somebody else affiliated with the org. And the person said to me is that it’s not about the wins, it’s about the work. And to me that just epitomized what this organization is about. You know, of course we want the wins, of course we want to see fruit and victory from our struggle . But, really what it’s about is about building those relationships.
It’s about doing the work that faith has called us to do.