What is Faith-Based Community Organizing?

What Is Faith-Based Community Organizing?

Faith in Action believes that people should have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. Through faith-based community organizing, we equip people to put their voice and values into action in their communities and the larger society. We help people of faith build organizations that can lead successful legislative campaigns, hold corporations accountable, pass ballot initiatives, increase voter turnout and eliminate racial inequities and discrimination.

Faith in Action trains those most impacted by injustice to mobilize their communities and lead campaigns for community transformation, focusing on root causes of inequity. Faith in Action helps people build organizations that enable communities of color and working-class communities of all races to control their destiny; dismantle mass incarceration and criminalization; welcome immigrants; and restructure the American economy to make it possible for all families to thrive. Organizing enables us to create multi-racial, anti-racist communities that stand for a radical commitment that everyone belongs and that our fates are bound up with one another’s.