I invite this reflection on love because it seems in this moment, in our nation, we are struggling to convert the wisdom of this radical love into public policy that insures that everyone – every life, every group, every person – counts. This radical principle is made radical not because it demands more of us than we can give but because it assumes that we are more than our prejudices, more than our biases and more than our fears of one another. Radical love is only radical because it demands that we see one another through eyes brightened by justice.

This is why the 2020 Census for me is so important. It is one of the ways we can convert this radical love into responsible and just public policy. So when we work with intention and diligence to insure that everyone is counted we are making a bold statement about the kind of country we want to be. We are doing the work that love demands that we “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God.”

As I reflect on this notion of love, I am also reminded that love without works is in fact not love at all. It is mere sentiment, a quaint notion and nothing else. But love that compels us to participate in the Census is the kind of love that requires us to knock on every door, call out to every person, reach out to those who are never counted – to those who may even have reason to fear – and do all we can to signal to them that they matter – they count. So for this year’s Census I am hopeful that people of faith – leaders and parishioners alike – will work to make sure that everyone is fully counted. And that the benefits of a full and accurate Census manifest abundant blessings and resources for all of us.

Faith Forward,
Rev. Alvin Herring
Executive Director
Faith in Action



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