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October 18, 2021

Vice President Kamala Harris
The White House
Office of the Vice President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20050

Dear Vice President Harris –

At this critical juncture, you have the power to “make a way out of no way” for up to 8 million undocumented members of our congregations and communities. We urge you to bypass the recommendation of the Parliamentarian and make an independent decision as Presiding Officer of the Senate to keep a broad pathway to citizenship within the budget reconciliation package now being negotiated within Congress.

We write as faith leaders and people of faith of many traditions, united in the belief that all are created in our Creator’s image and have an inherent claim to dignity and justice. Our faith communities have stood in solidarity with all people who are undocumented including essential workers, DACA recipients or Dreamers, TPS-holders and agricultural workers since the start of your administration, working together to realize the promise of citizenship for as many of our undocumented kindred as possible this year. Bypassing the parliamentarian and securing permanent protections is the moral thing to do.

We are now closer than we have been in a generation to achieving a transformative change to our immigration system, and we must not settle for anything less. It is time that we hear and respond to the cries for justice of our immigrant siblings.

In the face of any political challenges you face, we ask that you “make a way”. In the face of procedural challenges that may arise, we exhort you to “make a way”. Our communities need permanent protections, not temporary or conditional statuses that will condemn them to second-class social and political status which will prolong their vulnerability to immigration enforcement systems and other violations of their human rights. There is simply too much at stake for our immigrant families and communities to permit any further delay in delivering on the promise of citizenship.

For our part, we will be praying for you and for your leadership, while continuing to organize and advocate so that one day the human rights and dignity of all immigrants are fully protected and promoted within our nation.


Rev. Kristin Peters, Disciples of Christ (Christian Church), Fairbanks, AK

Mr. Daniel Schwartz, Faith in Action Alabama, Birmingham, AL

Ms. T. Nordan, Greek Orthodox, Birmingham, AL

Mr. Louis Russ, Birmingham, AL

Rev. Linda Sims-Lilly, Saint Thomas A.M.E. Zion, Butler, AL

Kenneth Hyche, Cullman, AL

John Zippert, Eutaw, AL

Ms. Karren Crowson, FIAA – Huntsville hub, Gurley, AL

Reverend James Napp, United Methodist Church, Hollywood, AL

Ms. Cheryl Bowne, Faith In Action Alabama, Huntsville, AL

Rev. Jacqueline Wilson, FIAA, Huntsville, AL

Mr. LaGarrette Crawford, FIAAL, Huntsville, AL

Pastor Waymond Smith, Lowe’s Chapel UMC, Huntsville, AL

Mr. Brad Korb, Unitarian Universalist Church of Huntsville, Huntsville, AL

Pastor Jaimie Dingus, Unitarian Universalist Church of Huntsville, Huntsville, AL

Kathryn Sullivan, Huntsville, AL

Dr. Thomas Smith, Methodist, Jacksonville, AL

Rev. Al Garrett, Youth Development Assoc., Inc., Madison, AL

Sam Di Benedetto, Mobile, AL


Rev. Michael Brinkman, The United Methodist Church, Oneonta, AL

Pastor Andrea F Johnson, St. John AME Church Wende, Hurtsboro, AL, Phenix City, AL

Mr. Harold Robinson, Robby, Talladega, AL

Reverend Cathleen Hough, FPO, AP

Dr. Myra Houser, First Presbyterian Church, Arkadelphia, AR

Rev. Jason Smith, First Presbyterian Church, Arkadelphia, AR

Sharri Johnson, Marshall, AR

Mrs. Kathleen Rafferty, Catholic, Cottonwood, AZ

brother Ignatius Harding ofm, Saint Francis Border mission, Elfrida, AZ

Mr. David Fronske, San Francisco de Asis Parish Catholic Church, Flagstaff, AZ

Regina Stewart, Gilbert, AZ

Karen Nye, Community Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Maricopa, AZ

Mrs. Jo Vredenburg, AFN and Desert Palm UCC, Tempe, Mesa, AZ

Sister Nancy Wellmeier, Catholic coalition for migrant justice, Mesa, AZ

Ms. Becky Klein, Desert Palm UCC, Mesa, AZ

Mary Thomas Thomas, United Church of Christ, Desert Heritage Church, Mesa, AZ

Erica Hansen, Mesa, AZ

Robert Racine, Mesa, AZ

Rev. Katie Sexton-Wood, Arizona Faith Network, Phoenix, AZ

Rev. William Muller, Brophy College Preparatory, Phoenix, AZ

Father ROBERT FAMBRINI, SJ, St. Francis Xavier Church, Phoenix, AZ

Mr. Mark Hayduke Grenard, UU Congregation of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

Robin Soletzky, Phoenix, AZ

Salena Petersen-keesecker, Phoenix, AZ

Mary Wolter, Prescott, AZ

Senior Minister Randy Mayer, The Good Shepherd United Church of Christ, Sahuarita, az

Rev. Elizabeth Enright, Assoc of Interfaith Ministers, Scottsdale, AZ

Deborah Gibbs, Sun City West, AZ

Mrs. Keeley Bruner, Community Christian Church, Tempe, AZ

Rev. Thomas Martinez, Desert Palm Church, Tempe, AZ

Ms. Ruth Wootten, University Lutheran (ELCA), Tempe, AZ

Kathy Shores, Tempe, AZ

Nancy Bennett, Tubac, AZ

Wendy Emmert, child of God, Tucson, AZ

Rev. Raymond Kenneth Kennon, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Tucson, AZ

Rev. Jay Hartley, Christian Church in Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Frank Bergen, Episcopal Church of St. Matthew, Tucson, AZ

Ms. Suzanne Hesh, Episcopal church, Tucson, AZ

Mrs. Lois Jordan, Tucson, AZ

Ms. Tania Malven, Retired, Tucson, AZ

none Fritzi Redgrave, Retired, Tucson, AZ

Fr. Bill Remmel, Society of the Divine Savior, TUCSON, AZ

Ms. Helen Greer, Trinity Presbyterian, Tucson, AZ

Rev. Christiane Heyde, Tucson, AZ

Lois Jordan, Tucson, AZ

Suzanne Hesh, Tucson, AZ

Tania Malven, Tucson, AZ

Joseph St Clair, CA

Teresita Valeriano, Minister, Alamaeda, CA

Chair, Immigration Committee Alton Chinn, Buena Vista United Methodist Church, Alameda, CA

Austin Tam, Buena Vista United Methodist Church, Alameda, CA

Executive Director maureen Duignan, Catholic, Alameda, CA

Margaret Kennedy, Catholic, Alameda, CA

Rev. Sheri Hostetler, First Mennonite Church of San Francisco, Alameda, CA

Rev. Bob Matthews, Plymouth UCC, Oakland, Alameda, CA

Margaret Doleman, Albany, CA

Reverend Marcia L Hoffman, United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Altadena, CA

Ms. Karen Alvarado, OCCCO, Anaheim, CA

Ms. Carolyn Krantz, St. Ignatius of Antioch, Antioch, CA

Fr. Blaise Brockman, Blaise Brockman, Arcadia, CA

Mr. Ronald White, True North, Arcata, CA

Sister Frances Tobin Tobin, Catholic, Atherton, CA

Mariann Keaveny, Placer People of Faith, Auburn, CA

Mr. Edwin MORGADO, Placer People of Faith Together, Auburn, CA

The Reverend Alexandre da Silva Souto, Sierra Foothills Unitarian Universalists, Auburn, CA

Rev. Virginia Foster, UMC, Auburn, CA

Most Reverend Gabino Zavala, Precious Blood Missionaries Kansas City Province, Bakersfield, CA

Judith Morasci, Sisters of Mercy, Bakersfield, CA

Brother Gabino Zavala, Bakersfield, CA

Ms. Beatriz Camargo De Sandoval, St. John the Baptist, Baldwin Park, CA

Sr. Giovannina Fazio, Sistrs of Notre Dane de Namur, Belmont, CA

Ms. Janet G Chisholm, All Souls Episcopal Parish, Berkeley, CA

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, BackYard Mishkan, Berkeley, CA

Member, Berkeley Friends Meeting and its Accompaniment Team Marilyn Cleveland, Berkeley Society of Friends, Berkeley, CA

Mr. Thomas Luce, BFUU, Berkeley, CA

Immigrant Rights Advocate Lisa Hoffman, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, Berkeley, CA

Matt Matusiewicz, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, Berkeley, CA

Alfredo Contreras, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, Berkeley, CA

Valery Sante, Interfaith movement for human integrity, Berkeley, CA

Dr Alex Madonik, Kehilla Community Synagogue, Berkeley, CA

Mr. Owen Thompson-Lastad, Kehillah Community Synagogue, Berkeley, CA

Elena C. Ramirez, Member of All Soul’s Episcopal Church, Berkeley, CA

Ms. Diana Bohn, Nicaragua Center for Community Action, Berkeley, CA

Ms. Diana Bohn, NicNicaragua Center for Community Action, Berkeley, CA

marian yu, Quaker, berkeley, ca

Fr. David Matz, Society of the Precious Blood, BERKELEY, CA

Glenda Pawsey, St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Profesor David Rutschman, Strawberry Creek Friends Meeting, Berkeley, CA

Rachel Gordon, Berkeley, CA

Alex Tananbaum, Berkeley, CA

Ms. Joanna Muller, The Religious Society of Friends, Berkely, CA

Allison RENSCH, Beverly Hills, CA

Ms. Stephanie Glatt, Immaculate Heart Community, Buellton, CA

Ms. Laura Overmann, Burlingame, CA

Sister Judy Carle, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Burlingame, CA

Mrs.  Anne Swanson, First Congregational Church of San Jose, Campbell, CA

Anne Swanson, Campbell, CA

Rev. Bill Freeman, Church-ish, Canoga Park, CA

Chair of Social Justice Ministry Team, Pilgrim United Church of Christ Caroline Theiss-Aird, Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Carlsbad, CA

Rev. Dr. Jaime Romo, Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Carlsbad, CA

Kim Walsh, Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Carlsbad, Ca

Mr. David Trautman, United Church of Christ, Carlsbad, CA

juliet twomey, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Susan Solarz, Secretary, Jewish Community Relations Council of Sacramento, Carmichael, CA

Reverend Toni Stuart, St. Michael’s University Church, Isla Vista, Carpinteria, CA

Dr Bob Britton, Faith in Action East Bay, Castro Valley, CA

Rebecca Wong, Castro Valley, CA

The Rev. Sandra John, Soul Awakening, Chico, CA

LMFT Abram Andersen, Sunrise Counseling Services, Chico, CA

Reverend Elizabeth Aguilar, Community Congregational Church of Chula Vista, UCC, Chula Vista, CA

Mrs. Karla Perez, SDOP, Chula Vista, CA

Brother Lawrence Damien, Chula Vista, CA

Reverend Lyn Juckniess, Presbytery of San Francisco, Claremont, CA

Lori Dick, Claremont, CA

Mr. Michael Boone, Individual, Coleville, CA

Ms. Jean Evans, Center for Elders Independence, Concord, CA

Mr. Joe Schellenberg, Faith in Action, Concord, CA

  1. Becky Eiben, MSUUC, Concord, CA

Ms. Elsie Mills, Mt Diablo Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Concord, CA

Ms. Joanna Iliff, Mt Diablo UU Church, Concord, CA

Rev, Dr, Randle Mixon, Fairview Community Church, Costa Mesa, CA

Juana Trejo, OCCCO, Costa Mesa, CA

Mrs. F. Carlene Reuscher, UMC, Costa Mesa, CA

Rev. Sandy Williams, Covina, CA

Mrs.  Felicitas Galedary, LALMA, Culver City, CA

Mr. James Near, Self, CUPERTINO, CA

Sr. Therese Randolph, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Daly City, CA

Brother JAMES Dawson, Christian, Davis, CA

Ms. Carol Warren, St James, Davis, Davis, CA

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Griswold, United Church of Christ, Davis, CA

Sherrill Futrell, Davis, CA

professor emerita Ana Zentella, SDOP, Del Mar, CA

Sara Bakker, Denair, CA

Reverend Michelle Magee, Palm United Methodist church, Dinuba, CA

Laurie Fraker, El Centro, CA

Katherine Heater, Secular Christian, El Cerrito, CA

Joanna Shenk, El Cerrito, CA

Rosa Menjivar, The Latina Center, El Cerrito, CA

General Director, Sisters of Social Service Maribeth Larkin, Sisters of Social Service of Los Angeles, ENCINO, CA

Ms. Victoria Miller, Victoria Miller, Encino, CA

Ms. Joanne Tenney, Catholic, Escondido, CA

Rev. Dr. Rico Monge, St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church, Escondido, CA

Ms. Joanna Welch, Humboldt UU Fellowhip, Eureka, CA

Veronica Michael, Fairfield, CA

Board of Directors, Outreach Chair Lynn Berkley-Baskin, Jewish Community Relations Council-Sacramento, Folsom, CA

Rabbi Marvin Goodman, Peninsula Sinai Congress., Foster City, CA

Giulii Zobelein, Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, Fremont, CA

Mrs. Judith Zlatnik, Niles Discovery Church, Fremont, CA

Ms. Randy Fewel, Niles Discovery Church, Fremont, CA

Ms. Cecilia Canales, Roman Catholic, Fremont, CA

Cecilia Canales, Fremont, CA

Program Director Myrna Martinez, American Friends Service Committee, Fresno, CA

Mr. Phil Traynor MPA, Church, Fresno, CA

Hajj Reza Nekumanesh, Islamic Cultural Center of Fre, Fresno, CA

Dr. E.A. Leone, Social Justice Christian, Fresno, CA

Mrs.  Judith Camp, First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, Fullerton, CA

John Cronin, Garden Grove, CA

Ms. Jo Kellogg, PlacerPeople of Faith Together, Granite Bay, CA

Joan Smith, Greenbrae, CA

Civic Engagement Director Tina McKinnor, LA Voice, Hawthorne, CA

Mr. Warren Hudson, All Saints Catholic Church, Hayward, CA

Ms. Paola Alvarado, Faith in Act, Hayward, CA

Mr. Alfredo Alvarado, Faith in Action, Hayward, CA

Mrs. Lesbhia Morones, Faith In Action East Bay, HAYWARD, CA

Ms. Emerita Alvarado, Faith in Action East Bay, Hayward, CA

Community Member Joselin Barajas, FIAEB, Hayward, CA

Community Organizer Valeria Ochoa, fiaeb, Hayward, CA

Mr. Richard Patenaude, Hayward, CA

Mr. David Chung, LAUMC, Hillsborough, CA

Ms. Romona Czichos-Slaughter, Blue Sky, Hollister, CA

Ms. Joan Singleton, Roman Catholic, Huntington Beach, CA

  1. Mary Martin, SSJ Catholic Church, Huntington Beach, CA, Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Roberto Vazquez, St. John Chrysostom church, Inglewood, CA

Ministries Board Chair Felicity Figueroa, Irvine United Congregational Church, Irvine, CA

Mr. Jose Palato, Visión y Compromiso, Keyes, CA

Dr. Lois Knowlton, La Mesa First United Methodist Church, La Mesa, CA

Emerita Professor of Public Health Sheryl Ruzek, Lafayette Christian Church, Lafayette, CA

Ms. Jann Taylor, MDUUC, Lafayette, CA

GP and Jaynese Davis, MDUUC, Lafayette, CA

Mr. Bill Clark, Unitarian/universalist, Lafayette, CA

Debra Conkey, Laguna Beach, CA

Ms. Patricia Boroughs, Roman Catholic, Lake View Terrace, CA

Mr. John Pulvino, Justic & Peace Ministry, Lakewood, CA

Kenneth Hofmann, Lancaster, CA

Rev. Jerald Stinson, First Congregational Church of Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

The Rev. Jane Gould, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Long Beach, CA

Norma Duffy, Long Beach, CA

Ms. Jane Holt, Cajane Healthworks, Los Altos, CA

Ms. Linda Nordmann, LAUMC, Los Altos, CA

Mrs.  Sandra McConnell, Los Altos United Methodist Church, Los Altos, CA

Mrs. Alice Loughry, Los Altos United Methodist Church, Los Altos, CA

Ms. Patricia Kenny, Los Altos United Methodist church, Los Altos, CA

Ms. Janet McDaniel, Los Altos United Methodist Church, Los ALtos, CA

Ms. Karen Kehlet, Los Altos United Methodist Church, Los Altos, CA

Rabbi Amy Eilberg, Multifaith Voices for Peace and Justice, Los Altos, CA

Ms. Karen Rudolph, Two Rivers Circle, Los Altos, CA

Rabbi Robin Podolsky, Bend the Arc, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Aryeh Cohen, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action / Conservative Jewish, Los Angeles, CA

Rev. Carlos Rincon, Centro de Vida Victoriosa AG, Los Angeles, CA

The Rev. Thomas Carey, Church of the Epiphany, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, Los Angeles, CA

Father Brendan Busse, SJ, Dolores Mission Church, Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Alba Mazariegos, FE en accion, Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Alexandra Mazariegos, FE en accion, Los Angeles, CA

Chair Lenore Dowling, Immaculate Heart Community Commission on Justice for Immigrants and Refugees, Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Andrea Vocos, LA Voice, Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Aliyah Shaikh, LA Voice, Los Angeles, CA

Rev. Zachary Hoover, LA Voice / FBC Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA

Mrs. Yolanda Marin, LA Voice/ Blessed Sacrament Church, Los Angeles, CA

Eliseo Vasquez, Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Andrew Lee, PICO CA, Los Angeles, CA

Reverend Rosa Manriquez, Roman Catholic, Los Angeles, CA

Sister Anne McMullen, Roman Catholic, Los Angeles, CA

Sister Joan Goulden, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Los Angeles, CA

Sister Linda Snow, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Los Angeles, CA

Sr. Sister Patrice, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Los Angeles, CA

Sr. Diane Smith, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, LA, Los Angeles, CA

Chancellor Steve Privett, SJ, Los Angeles, CA

Carla Holguin, Los Angeles, CA

Jacob Pederson, Los Angeles, CA

Fred Dean, Los Angeles, CA

Sister Linda Snow, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Los Angeles, CA

Cantor Devorah Felder-Levy, Congregation Shir Hadash, Los Gatos, CA

Fr. Thomas G. Piquado, S.J. Thomas Piquado, Jesuits, Los Gatos, CA

Mrs.  Pamela Bond, Los Gatos, CA

Ms. Karla Devine, ELCA, Manhattan Beach, CA

Mr. Dan Esposito, Individual, Manhattan Beach, CA

Mr. Dan Esposito, Individual, Manhattan Beach, CA

Karla Devine, Manhattan Beach, CA

Dan Esposito, Manhattan Beach, CA

Ms. Yvonne Murray, Los Altos UMC, Menlo Park, CA

Rev. Dr. Diana Gibson, Multifaith Voices for Peace & Justice, Menlo Park, CA

Diana Gibson, Menlo Park, CA

Deacon Jose Morales, Catholic Church, Merced, CA

Community Organizer Blanca Ojeda, Faith in the Valley, Merced, CA

Reverend Jojo Gabuya, PSTF-UMC, Merced, CA

Rev. Deacon Marilee Muncey, St. Francis Episcopal, Turlock, CA, Merced, CA

Rev. Valerie Ralston, self, Mi Wuk Village, CA

Rev. Valerie Ralston, Mi-Wuk Vlg, CA

Sister Dolores Maguire, Sisters of the Holy Faith, Mill Valley, CA

Pastor Latricia Beasley-Day, Faith In the Valley/Victory In Praise, Modesto, CA

Ms. Elizabeth Darovic, Elizabeth Darovic, monterey, CA

Dorothy Dickson, First Presbyterian Monterey, Monterey, Ca

Ms. juliet twomey, Immaculate Heart Community, Monterey, CA

Ms. Karen Berger, Montrose, CA

Ms. Connie Chiba, MDUUC, Moraga, CA

Julie Stanley Julie Stanley, Los Altos United Methodist Church, Mountain View, CA

Mrs. Arlene Speer, Los Altos United Methodist Church, Mountain View, CA

  1. Lori Draper, Los Altos United Methodist Church, Mountain View, CA

Ms. Judy Atterholt, Los Altos United Methodist Church, Mountain View, CA

Ms. Lori Abrahamsohn, PACT, Mountain View, CA

Ms. Irene Yoshida, St. Athanasius, Cafecitos, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA

Mr. Kevin Ma, Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, Mountain View, CA

Ms. Karen Skold, Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, Mountain View, CA

Samina Sundas Sundas, American Muslim Voice Foundation, Newark, CA

Mrs.  Aracelis Freeberg, Catholic/ Pax Christi/ Just Faith, Newbury Park, CA

Reverend Nicac Eaton-Guinn, Chalice Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Newbury Park, CA

Mrs.   Chella Freeberg, Pace Christi/ Just Faith, Newbury Park, CA

Paula Cook, Bay Area Christian Connection, Oakland, CA

Arnie Fischman, Bend the Arc, Oakland, CA

Presidente F X Martin del Campo, Católica, Oakland, Ca

Jennifer Wilson, East Bay Sanctury Covenant, Oakland, CA

Mr. Andre Spearman, Eastbay Church, OAKLAND, CA

lider Virginia Reyes, Fait in Accion, Oakland, CA

Fr. John Baumann, Faith in Action, Oakland, CA

Ms. Maria Velasco, Faith in Action, Oakland, CA

Kevin Juarez, Faith In Action, Oakland, CA

Ms. Terri McWilliams, Faith in Action East Bay, Oakland, CA

Ms. Theresa Henson, Faith in Action East Bay, Oakland, CA

Mr. Bruce Schmiechen, Faith In Action East Bay, Plymouth United Church of Christ, Oakland, CA

Ms. Angela Noel, Faith in Action East Bay/ Imani Community Church, Oakland, CA

Educator/Activist Zakiya Jendayi, Faith In Action/ Imani  Community Church, Oakland, CA

Rev. Dr. Valerie Miles-Tribble, Faith Presbyterian Church, Oakland, CA

Mrs.  Marjorie Nichols, Faith in Action Eastbay, Oakland, CA

Olga Romero, Fe en acción, Oakland, CA

Community Organizer Alba Hernandez, FIAEB/ St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church, Oakland, CA

Community Organizer Carlos Hernandez, FIAEB/ St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church, Oakland, CA

Leader Alejandra Hernandez, FIAEB/ St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church, Oakland, CA

Lay Leader Kathry Gilje, First Congregational Church of Oakland, Oakland, CA

Dr Suzie Inadomi, First Presbyterian Church of Oakland, Oakland, CA

Dr. Corless Smith, First Unitarian of Oakland, Oakland, CA

Ms. Jean Moses, Imani Community Church, Oakland, CA

Ms. Dianne Doss, Imani Community Church, Oakland, CA

Rev. Dr. George Cummings, Imani Community Church, Oakland, CA

Ms. Diana Bell, Imani Community Church/ Faith in Action East Bay, Oakland, CA

Ms. Sloane Noel-Johnson, Imani Community Church/PICO CA, Oakland, CA

.Janice Taylor, Imani/FIAEB, Oakland, CA

Rev. Deborah Lee, Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, Oakland, CA

Immigration Committee Chair Julie Litwin, Kehilla Community Synagogue, Oakland, CA

Rev. David Ribinson, Lakeshore Ave Baptist church, Oakland, CA

Pastor Jim Hopkins, Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, Oakland, CA

Rev. Dr Allison Tanner, Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, Oakland, CA

Rev. Dale Edmondson, Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, Oakland, CA

Ms. Susan JunFish, MDUUC, Oakland, CA

Rev. Millie Phillips, member San Francisco UU, Oakland, CA

Mr. Erik Schnabel, Oakland, CA

Ms. Brenda Aguilar, Oakland, CA

Marlyn Lemus Lemus, Oakland reach, Oakland, CA

Alejandra Rosales, Oakland Reach, Oakland, CA

Rev. James Schexnayder, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Oakland, CA

Ms. Linda Breaux-Smith, retired, Oakland, CA

Reverend José M León León, Retired, Oakland, CA

Nicolas Bekaert, Servant Partners, Oakland, CA

Sister Mary Litell, Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity, Oakland, CA

Sr. Rosemary Delaney, Sisters of the Holy Names, Oakland, CA

Reverend Laurie Manning, Skyline Community Church and Preschool, Oakland, CA

Ms. Mirtha Ninayahuar, Skyline Community United Church of Christ, Oakland, Ca

Reverend Stephen Kelly, Society of Jesus (S.J., aka Jesuits), Oakland, CA

Pastor Rev. Ghebriel Woldai, St. Anthony-Mary Help of Christians Parish Oakland, OAKLAND, CA

Fr. Aidan McAleenan, St. Columba Catholic Church, Oakland, CA

Rachel Beck, Trinity Fellowship, Oakland, CA

Mr. Pete Weiss, Unitarian Universalist, Oakland, CA

Rev. Millie Phillips, Unitarian Universalist minister, Oakland, CA

Dr. Sharon Fennema, United Church of Christ, Oakland, CA

Dr. Louise Fortmann, University Lutheran Chapel, Berkeley, CA, Oakland, CA

Carmen beltran Salazar, oakland, CA

Rachel Beck, Oakland, CA

Erik Schnabel, Oakland, CA

Rondi Saslow, Oakland, CA

Longwillow Fudemberg, Occidental, CA

Rev. Dr. Alex Nagy, Episcopal, Oceanside, CA

Rev. Dr. Alex Nagy, Priest in the Episcopal Diocese of SD,CA, Oceanside, CA

Faith Leader Eugenio Garcia, San Diego Organizing Project (SDOP), Oceanside, CA

Faith Lader Maria Perez, SDOP, Oceanside, CA

Faith leader Daniel Juan, SDOP, Oceanside, CA

Faith Leader Omar Atilano, SDOP, Oceanside, CA

Mr. Raul Garcia, SDOP, Oceanside, CA

Mr. Tony Martinez, SDOP, Oceanside, CA

Mrs. Yesenia Oropeza, SDOP, Oceanside, CA

Ms. Judah Coker, SDOP, Oceanside, CA

Silvia Castillo, SDOP, Oceanside, CA

Delfina Torres, SDOP, Oceanside, CA

Janette Adkins, SDOP, Oceanside, CA

Macaria Lagunas, SDOP, Oceanside, CA

Jorge Rivas, SDOP, Oceanside, CA

Dinorah Rodriguez, SDOP, Oceanside, CA

Ms. Adela Pastrana, Sdop/ st Mary Star of the Sea, Oceanside, CA

Mrs. Lorena Salinas, St. Mary’s star of the sea, Oceanside, CA

Prisca Martinez, Victory Outreach, Oceanside, CA

Rev. Dr. Alex Nagy, Oceanside, CA

Charles Alger, Oceanside, CA

Rev. Robert Reed, Evangelical Covenant Church, Ontario, CA

Sister Mary Rogers, Orange, CA

Mary Nicholas, Orange, CA

Ellen Jordan, Orange, CA

Eileen Eileen, Orange, CA

Ms. Neysa Matt, Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Orinda, CA

Ms. Lynn Baskett, Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Orinda, CA

Ms. Margaret Goodman, M/A, Pacific Grove, CA

Sister Phyllis Sellner, Sisters of St Francis, Palm Desert, CA

sister Suzanne Jabro, Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet, Palm Desert, CA

Ms. Maryellen Redish, St. Teresa’s, Palm Springs, CA

Ellen Redish, Palm Springs, CA

Mr. Alan Stivers, First Congregational Church of Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA

rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow, First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA

Ms. Rebekkah Smit, Palo Alto, CA

Dr. Catherine Barsotti, Centro Latino de Estudios Teologicos, Pasadena, CA

Rev. Karen Berns, Knox Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, CA

Nord Eriksson, Knox Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, CA

Elder Kim Perez, Knox Presbyterian Church of Pasadena, Calif, Pasadena, CA

Ruling Elder Joshua Marmol, Knox Presbyterian, PCUSA, Pasadena, CA

James Symons, Presbyterian Pastor, Pasadena, CA

Susan Porter, Pasadena, CA

Lori Quick, Perris, CA

Minister/Board President Stevenson Noel, SION ADV CHURCH, PETALUMA, CA

Rev. Will McGarvey, Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County, Pleasant Hill, CA

Ms. Kathleen Newkirk, MDUUC, Pleasant Hill, CA

Mr. Terry Dunn, Plymouth Jazz and Justice Church, Pleasant Hill, CA

Ms. Deborah Donovan, Retired, Pleasant Hill, CA

Mr. Bob Lane, Christian, Pleasanton, CA

Mr. Bob Lane, Oakland City Church, Pleasanton, CA

Margaret Lyons, Pls Vrds Pnsl, CA

Susan Janes, Point Reyes Station, CA

Mr. David Soares, Retired, Pollock Pines, CA

Rabbi Zev-Hayyim Feyer, (Retired), Pomona, CA

Sister Sally Koch, Sister of St Joseph, Porter Ranch, CA

Mark Cappetta, Rancho Mirage, CA

Sister Linda Webb, Daughters of Mary and Joseph, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Ms. Gail Rodkin, Temple Menorah, Redondo Beach, CA

Sister Deanna Rose Von Bargen, Society of the Sacred Heart, Redwood City, CA

Rev. Katie Goetz, Woodside Road UMC, Redwood City, CA

Rev. W.J. Reichard, Redwood City, CA

Ms. JL Angell, Presbyterian, Rescue, CA

JL Angell, Rescue, CA

Rev. Dr. Dale Weatherspoon, Easter Hill UMC, Richmond, CA

m kelly bailey, parchester first baptist church, richmond, CA

Mx. Kathy Jean Reynolds, Richmond First United Methodist Church, Richmond, CA

Assistant Executive Director Yenny Garcia, The Latina Center, Richmond, CA

Mrs. Miriam Wong, The Latina Center, Richmond, CA

Gloria Ruiz, The Latina Center, Richmond, CA

Adriana Martinez, The Latina Center, Richmond, CA

Ms. Nora Vigil, Vision y Compromiso, Richmond, CA

m Derek and  Ann Legg, WDRC, richmond, ca, CA

Mrs.  Elizabeth Gonzales, Placer People of Faith Together, River Pines, CA

Fr. Misael Avila, St Frances of Rome Catholic Church, Riverbank, CA

Mr. Abraham Oboruemuh, Riverside, CA

Rabbi Suzanne Singer, Temple Beth El, Riverside, CA

Michelle Rojas, Riverside, CA

Denise Johnston, Rocklin, CA

Renee Saucedo, ALMAS/Graton Day Labor Center, Rohnert Park, CA

Pastor Marlene Rodriguez, Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Roseville, CA

Jason Weiner, Board Member, Sacramento Area Congregations Together (listed for affiliation only), Sacramento, CA

Rev. Dr. J.Alfred Smith, Jr., Retired, Sacramento, CA

Live Free Community Organizer Telitha Floyd, Saccramento Area Congregation Together, Sacramento, Ca

Hazel Watson, Sacramento ACT, Sacramento, CA

Deacon Joseph Johnson, South Sacramento Christian Center, Sacramento, CA

  1. Glenda Shaw, Sacramento, CA
  2. Shaw, Sacramento, CA

Kevin Buchanan, Sacramento, CA

Michael Clarke, Salida, CA

Ms. eva seligman-kennard, J Street; Jewsish Community Federation of the SF Bay AreaCRC, San Anselmo, CA

L’Rea Robinson, San Bernardino, CA

Rabbi Hillel Cohn, Congregation Emanu El, San Bernardino/Redlands, CA

Sister Laetitia Bordes, San Bruno, CA

Mx. Lucian Baxter, MDUUC, San Carlos, CA

Pastor Angelie Ryah, Casa de Misericordia, San Diego, CA

Director of Operations Mary Obaka, Faith in Action, San Diego, CA

Miss Liza San Andres, Faith in Action, San Diego, CA

Ms. Stephanie Gut, FIA, San Diego, CA

Professor Laurie Mikolaycik, Franciscan School of Theology, San Diego, CA

Ms. Julieta Ornelas, Newman Center, San Diego, CA

Mr. Brian Still, San Diego, CA

Mr. Travis Perreira, San Diego, CA

Ms. Selma Hassane, San Diego Organizing Project, San Diego, CA

Mx. Rory Eschenbach, San Diego Organizing Project, San Diego, CA

Líder de Fe Santos Camilo Santos camilo, SDOP, San Diego, CA

Líder de Fe Leonardo Gayosso Leonardo Gayoso, SDOP, San Diego, CA

Líder de Fe Pablo vega Pablo vega, SDOP, San Diego, CA

Mr. David Zamudio, SDOP, San Diego, CA

Ms. Cielo Garat, SDOP, San Diego, CA

Cynthia Torres, Undocumented Resource Center at San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Sylvia De Baca, San Dimas, CA

Rev. Sadie Stone, Bethany United Methodist Church, San Francisco, CA

Pastor Sirak Solomon, Bethel church of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Ms. Jean Mont-Eton, Catholic, San Francisco, CA

Jennifer Martin, Church of the Sojourners, San Francisco, CA

Ms. Terry Kraus, Congregation Emanu-El, San Francisco, CA

Ms. Evelyn Manies, Congregation Sherith Israel, San Francisco, CA

Social Action Chair Karen Alschuler, Congregation Sherith Israel, San Francisco, CA

Mr. John Oda, Cpmc, San Francisco, CA

Ms. Darlene Zane, FIABA, San Francisco, CA

Brother JOHN GUTIERREZ, Franciscan Friars, San Francisco, CA

Emery Kato, IM4HI, San Francisco, CA

Rev. William O’Neill, Jesuits, San Francisco, CA

Margo Freistadt, Jewish (Reconstructionist strand of Judaism), San Francisco, CA

Co-chair Karl Kramer, NorCal TPS Coalition, San Francisco, CA

Dr. Phyllis Shulman, Or Shalom Jewish Community, San Francisco, CA

Ms. linda chafetz, Or Shalom Jewish Community, San Francisco, CA

Rabbi Katie Mizrahi, Or Shalom Jewish Community, San Francisco, CA

elliot helman, or shalom jewish community, san francisco, CA

Leslie Roffman, Or Shalom Jewish Community, San Francisco, CA

NA Lynn Barbaree, Pine UMC, San Francisco, CA

Kimberly Mark, Pine UMC, San Francisco, Ca

Jo Rhee, Pine UMC, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Mr. Ken Lew, Pine United Methodist Church, San Francisco, CA

Ms. Ann Lew, Pine United Methodist Church, San Francisco, CA

Phillip Cha, Pine United Methodist Church, San Francisco, CA

Margaret Schulze, Pine United Methodist Church, San Francisco, CA

Kay Ikuma, Pine United Methodist Church, San francisco, CA

Reverend Jeanelle Ablola, Pine United Methodist Church, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Joan Humphreys, Roman Catholic, San Francisco, CA

Nancy Wecker, Sha’ar Zahav, San Francisco, CA

Sister Lucy Calvillo, Sisters of Mercy, San Francisco, CA

Sister Martha Larsen, Sisters of Mercy, San Francisco, CA

Ms. Theresa Cameranesi, St. John of God Catholic Church, San Francisco, CA

Susan Fox, St. John of God Sanctuary Committee, San Francisco, CA

Evelyn Ho, St. John’s Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Father Richard Smith, The Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist, San Francisco, CA

Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer, The Kitchen, San Francisco, CA

Mr. John Oda, Zen buddist, San Francisco, CA

Sister Gertrude Nuttman, San Francisco, CA

Martha Larsen, San Francisco, CA

Judith Benkert, San Francisco, CA

Nan Slavin, San Francisco, CA

Alice Polesky, San Francisco, CA

Melvin D. Cheitlin, San Francisco, CA

John Oda, San Francisco, CA

Mr. Marcos Herrera, Amigos de guadalupe, San Jose, CA

Director Monica Limas, Center for Employment Training Immigration and Citizenship Program, San Jose, CA

Rabbi Allan Berkowitz, Faith In Action East Bay, San Jose, CA

Mrs.  Colleen Cabot, First Unitarian Church of San Jose, San Jose, CA

Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones, First Unitarian Church of San Jose, San Jose, CA

Ms. Sarah Adams, FUCSJ, San Jose, CA

Mrs. Maristella Tapia, Homeschooling for Social Change, San Jose, CA

Dr. Alexa Kaskowitz, Jewish Community Relations Council, San Jose, CA

Salvador Bustamante, Latinos United for a New America, San Jose, CA

Ms. Patricia Irwin, LAUMC, San Jose, CA

Nurse Practitioner Lisa Sherard, Los Altos United Methodist Church, San Jose, CA

Mrs.  Patricia Vazquez, Mexican pearls, san jose, CA

Ms. Rhonda Bailey, Mt Cana, San Jose, CA

Mr. Cresenciano Hernandez, San Jose, CA

Ms. Deidre Savino, Notre Dame High School, San Jose, San Jose, CA

Mr. Timothy Linscott, PACT, San Jose, CA

Mrs.  Dianne Brown, PACT, San Jose, CA

Rev. Samantha Evans, PACT, San Jose, CA

Eduardo Tapia, Pact, San Jose, CA

Mrs. Adriana Romero, People Acting in Community Together, San Jose, CA

Ms. Diane Solomon, People Acting in Community Together, San Jose, CA

Ms. joni hildreth, Saint Julies Church, San Jose, CA

Economic Development/Labor Chair Elizabeth Kamya, San Jose/Silicon Valley NAACP, San Jose, CA

Mrs.  Sandy Mory, Santa Teresa Catholic Church, San Jose, CA

Mr. Tim Barrington, Self, San Jose, CA

Mrs. Anna Harshbarger, Self, San Jose, CA

Ms. Deborah St Julien, Urban Sanctuary, San Jose, San Jose, CA

Stan Fitzgerald, San Jose, CA

Allan Campbell, San Jose, CA

Ms. Terri Lynn Haggins, FIAEB and Social Justice ministry at Imani Church in Oakland Ca., San Leandro, CA

Mr. Ronald Snyder, International, San Leandro, CA

Rev. Dr. John Rawlinson, Priest, Episcopal Diocese of California, San Leandro, CA

Michele Walsh, St. Joachim Church, San Leandro, CA

Mrs. Judith Anderson, San Luis Obispo, CA

Mr. James Michael ‘Mike’ Henderson, Self, San Luis Obispo, CA

Debra Poortenga, Christian, San Marcos, CA

Mrs. Lisa Williams, Pilgrim UCC, San Marcos, CA

Ms. Joan Quinn, Pilgrim United Church of Christ, San Marcos, CA

Faith leader Bertha Orea, SDOP, San Marcos, CA

Faith leader Omar Cruz, SDOP, San Marcos, CA

Faith Leader Wendy Baez, SDOP (San Diego Organizing Project), San Marcos, CA

Mr. Scott Grinthal, Catholic, San Mateo, CA

Ms. Nancy Gittleman, Congregant of Peninsula Temple Beth El, San Mateo, CA

Rev. Dr. Penny Nixon, Congregational Church of San Mateo, San Mateo, CA

Rev. Benjamin Meyers, Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo, San Mateo, CA

Scott Grinthal, San Mateo, CA

Mr./MSW Javier Nunton, Latina Center, San Pablo, CA

Debra Taube, SURJ Marin, San Rafael, CA

Marietta Fahey, Sisters of the Holy Family, San Ramon, CA

Daniel Tse, Haitian Bridge Alliance, Santa Ana, CA

Mr. Miguel Hernandez, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Santa Ana, CA

Ms. Maria Estela Valencia, Orange County Congregation Community Organization, Santa Ana, CA

Viola Deters, Santa Ana, CA

Rev. Dr. Myrna Tuttle, Santa Barbara, CA

Lauren Murdock, Santa Barbara, CA

Pastor Brittany McRay, Los Altos UMC, Santa Clara, CA

Reverend Nicholas piediscalzi, United Church of Christ, Santa Cruz, CA

Ms. Norma Roberts, LAUMC, Santa Maria, CA

Miss Amelia Jones, SMC, Santa Monica, CA

Reverend Jim Conn, United Methodist Church, Santa Monica, CA

Rev. Jim Conn, Santa Monica, CA

Susan McCorry, Santa Monica, CA

Mr. Rev. Allan B. Jones, Retired, Santa Rosa, CA

Lay minister Maria Catalan De Manieri, The Bridge Community Church of Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, CA

Rev. Allan Jones, Santa Rosa, CA

Nicholas Lenchner, Santa Rosa, CA

Ms. Paula Rochelle, Ethical Culture Society of Silicon Valley, Saratoga, CA

Ms. Anne Cross, Los Altos United Methodist Church, Saratoga, CA

Rev. Donna Shaw, Simi Valley, CA

Faith leader Teresa Perez, San Diego Organizing Project, Solana Beach, CA

Líder de Fe Vicente  Nicolaz Vicente Nicolaz, SDOP, Solana beach, CA

Eulalio Flores, SDOP, Solana Beach, CA

Rev. Jo Green, UUFSD, Solana Beach, CA

Lillianna Bastianon, St.John of God Catholic Church (in San Francisco, CA), Sonoma, CA

Catherine Wolff, Catholic Community at Stanford, Stanford, CA

Pastor Curtis Smith, Destiny Christian Center, Faith in the Valley, Stockton, CA

Pastor Trena Turner, Faith In The Valley, Stockton, CA

Ms. Carla Macchello, Catholic, SUNNYVALE, CA

Mis Johanna Mac Leod, COG, SUNNYVALE, CA

Dr Robert Minchin, Episcopal, Sunnyvale, CA

Mrs. Natalie Lu, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Sunnyvale, CA

Ms. Terry Morrison, LAUMC, Sunnyvale, CA

Ms. Debbie Pitsch, Los Altos United Methodist Church, Sunnyvale, CA

Sister Marilyn Wilson, Sisters of Charity BVM, Sunnyvale, CA

Sister Marilyn Wilson, Sisters of Charity, BVM, Sunnyvale, CA

Mrs. Frances Hostettler, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Sunnyvale, CA

Ms. El Pe, Talmage, CA

Willie Lubka, Buen Vecino, Thousand Oaks, CA

Liz Cooper, Thousand oaks, CA

Voluntaria Laura Sandoval, Occco, Tustin, CA

Rev. Jesus Nieto-Ruiz, FIAEB, Union City, CA

Mrs.  Mary Schlarb, FIAEB @ Our Lady of the Rosary, Union City, Union City, CA

Cantor Daniel Zwickel ben Avram, Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Vallejo, CA

Terrence Butler, Van Nuys, CA

Nathan Bock, Van Nuys, CA

Ronald Dybvig, Ventura, CA

Mrs. Carlota Guerra, SDOP, Vista, CA

Mrs. Monica Chavez, SDOP, Vista, CA

Mrs. Barbara Polanco, SDOP, Vista, CA

Beth Johnson, Vista, CA

Sra. Adriana Sarmiento, SDOP, Vista Ca, CA

Mr. Stan Fitzgerald, Christ the King, Walnut Creek, CA

Mrs. Jan Warren, Lafayette Christian Church, Walnut Creek, CA

Mr. Peter Morse, MDUUC, Walnut Creek, CA

Mr. Peter Coppoelman, MDUUC, Walnut Creek, CA

Mr. John Hopper, MDUUC, Walnut Creek, CA

Ms. Nancy White, MDUUC, Walnut Creek, CA

Karl Livengood, MDUUC, Walnut Creek, CA

Dr. Mary-Helen Binger, Mount Diablo Unitarian Universalist, Walnut Creek, CA

Intern Minister Michael Macias, Mount Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Walnut Creek, CA

Ms. Ellen Doerfer, MountDiabloUnitarianUniversalistChurch, Walnut Creek, CA

Ms. Lisa Cahn, Mt Diablo UU Church, Walnut Creek, CA

Ms. Rose Barreto, Mt Diablo UU Church, Walnut Creek, CA

Mr. Chris CA, Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Walnut Creek, CA

Mr. James Hasse, Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Walnut Creek, CA

Ms. Mary Fenelon, Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Walnut Creek, CA

Ms. Marjorie Wallace, Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Walnut Creek, CA

Ms. Sue Polgar, Mt. Diablo UU Church, Walnut Creek, CA

Ms. Catherine Der, Mt. Diblo Unitarian Yniversalist, Walnut Creek, CA

Ms. Haven Wright, My Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Walnut Creek, CA

Nancy Rivara, My Diablo UU Church Justice Advocate, Walnut Creek, CA

Rev. Jack Shriver, Presbytery of San Francisco, Walnut Creek, CA

Ms. Susan Strong, Quaker, Walnut Creek, CA

Ms. Suzanne Llewellyn, Unitartian Universalist Church, Walnut Creek, CA

Susan Von Schmacht, Watsonville, CA

Rolando Perdomo, Peace and Justice, Whittier, CA

Mary Stewart, First Lutheran Church, Torrance CA, Wilmington CA, CA

Ms. Linda Howie, Christian, Woodland Hills, CA

Ryan Nuala, Woodland Hills, CA

Janis Hatlestad, Woodland Hills, CA

Dr. Tovis Page, Starr King School for the Ministry, Woodside, CA

Dr and Mrs.  Charles and Lise Strom, Orange County Jewish Coalition for Refugees, San Clemente, CA.

Ms. Nancy Bolt, First Universalist Church of Denver, Arvada, CO

Ms. Mary Kvamme, Holy Cross Lutheran, Arvada, CO

Faithful Member, former Elder Barbara Hoffman, Colorado Community Church, Aurora, CO

Mrs. Laura Peniche, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Aurora, CO

Mrs. Laura Peniche, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Aurora, CO

Reverend Michael Mortvedt, Interim pastor in Rocky Mountain Synod, Aurora, CO

Ms. Susan Brown, Park Hill UMC, Aurora, CO

Ms. Lee Morning, Private citizen, Aurora, CO

Father Terrence Kissell, Saint Michael, Aurora, CO

Ms. Gwendolyn Eden, St. Ignatius Loyola, Aurora, CO

Dr. Celeste Rossmiller, Together Colorado, Aurora, CO

Rev. Wayne A. Laws, United Church of Christ, Aurora, CO

Rev. Dr. Tracy Hughes, United Church of Christ, Aurora, CO

Philip Henke, Aurora, CO

Rev. Mark Meeks, Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church, Bailey, CO

Ms. Catherine Allen, Boulder Valley UU Fellowship, boulder, CO

Rev. Pedro Silva, First Congregational Church UCC, Boulder, CO

Rabbi Deborah Bronstein, Rabbi (Ms.), Boulder, CO

Ms. Elaine Benvenuto, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Boulder, CO

Mr. John Russell, UUCB, Boulder, CO

Mr. Stephen Nelson, Boulder Valley UU Fellowship, Broomfield, CO

Mrs. Rebecca Van Dyke, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Broomfield, CO

Mr. Marrton Dormish, Marrton Dormish, Broomfield, CO

Mrs.  Rebecca Van Dyke, Presbyterian, Broomfield, CO

Co-Pastor Kathy Escobar, The Refuge, Broomfield, CO

Earth and Social Justice Pastor Doug Nelson, The Refuge, Broomfield, CO

Marrton Dormish, The Refuge, Broomfield, CO

Pastor Robert Kippley, ELCA, Canon City, CO

Ms. Janet Weinz, St Peter Lutheran Church, Centennial, CO

Reverend Marla Kauerz Marla Kauerz, United Methodist, Centennial, CO

Rev. Paula Stecker, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, CO

Mrs. Susan Bolduc, Colorado Springs Faith Leaders Table, Colorado Springs, CO

Nayda Benitez, Colorado Springs, CO

Mrs. Georgette Saydak, Roman Catholic, Colorado Springs, CO

Rabbi Iah Pillsbury, Temple Beit Torah, Colorado Springs, CO

Rev. James Chapman, United Church of Christ, Colorado Springs, CO

Susan Bolduc, Colorado Springs, CO

Vicki Witte, Colorado Springs, CO

James A Clark Jr, Colorado Springs, CO

Mrs. Mary Derbort, St. Michael Parish, Cotopaxi, CO

Gabriela Flora, American Friends Service Committee, DENVER, CO

Rev. Mark Meeks, Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church, Denver, CO

Mary Hupp, Capitol Hts. Presbyterian Church, Denver, CO

Ms. Heather Collins, Central Presbyterian, Denver, CO

Ms. Ilana Steinberg, Congregation Rodef Shalom, Denver, CO

Rabbi Rachel Kobrin, Congregation Rodef Shalom, Denver, CO

Jo Culbertson, Council Member of Denver Presbytery, Denver, CO

Mr. John Kerr, Cure d’ Ars Catholic Church, Denver, CO

Mrs.  Lorena Fajardo, Cure D’ars, Denver, CO

Mr. William Uebelher, Cure1 d’ Ars Catholic Church Social Justice Ministry, Denver, CO

Rev. Paul Carlson, ELCA, Denver, CO

Rev. Sally Megeath, Episcopal church, Denver, CO

Ms. Rhoda Whitney, First Universalist Church, Denver, CO

Mrs. Linda Baggus, First Universalist Church of Denver, Denver, CO

Rev. Ruth Rinehart, First Universalist Church of Denver, Denver, CO

Mx Colleen Maki, Glendale Baptist, Denver, CO

Rev. Elena Liliana Stahlberrg, Glory of God Lutheran Church, Denver, CO

Pastor Sheri Fry, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Denver, CO

Public Policy Director Melanie Kesner, Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, Denver, CO

Executive Director Evan Weissman, Jewish Voices for Peace and Justice, Denver, CO

  1. nora jacquez, Loyola, DENVER, CO

Mrs. Jennifer Murphy, Loyola Catholic Church Denver, Denver, CO

Ms. Rebecca Glascock, Montview Blvd Presbyterian Church, Denver, CO

Ms. Mary Anna Thompson, Denver, CO

Rev. Laura Rainwater, Park Hill United Methodist Church, Denver, CO

Rev. Nathan Adams, Park Hill United Methodist Chuuch, Denver, CO

Msgr. Robert  L. Amundsen, Retired, Denver, CO

Dr. Evelyn Hutt, Rodef Shalom, Denver, CO

Rabbi Bernard Gerson, Rodef Shalom (retired), Denver, CO

Jennifer Otey, Roman Catholic, Denver, CO

Sister Margaret Fuhr, Sisters of St. Francis, Denver, CO

Ms. Ashley Farrell, St Ignatius Loyola, Denver, CO

Dr Mary J Simon, St Ignatius of Loyola Social Justice Ministry, Denver, CO

Mr. Earl Beam, St Peters, Denver, CO

Ms. Charlotte Mckinney, St. Ignatius Loyola, Denver, CO

Ms. Maureen Hencmann, St. Ignatius Loyola, Denver, CO

Ms. Harriet Mullaney, St. Ignatius Loyola Parish, Denver, CO

Rev. Wesley Dunbar, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Denver, CO

Br. Daniel Klawitter, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Denver, CO

Mr. David Engelken, Ten-Thirty Catholic Community, Denver, CO

Dr. David Alley, Together Colorado, Denver, CO

Mr. Dennis Shull, Together Colorado, Denver, CO

Mr. Frank Tapy, Together Colorado, Denver, CO

Mrs. Megan Sullivan, Together Colorado, Denver, CO

Ms. Marilynn Ackermann, Together Colorado, Denver, CO

Ms. Kym Ray, Together Colorado, Denver, CO

Rev. Bich Thy (Betty) Nguyen, United Methodist, Denver, CO

Ms. Marcella Wolfe, Voice of the Poor/St Vincent de Paul, Denver, CO

Jay Treat, Denver, CO

Lynne Glaeske, Denver, CO

Kathryn Rose, Denver, CO

William Uebelher, Denver, CO

Sister Karpan, Denver, CO

Evelyn Hutt, Denver, CO

Carolina DiaZ, CIRC, Durango, CO

Darcy Diaz, Falicitadora, Durango, CO

Lucy McGuffey, Durango, CO

Rabbi Eliot Baskin, Shalom Park, Englewood, CO

Ms. Juli Mackenzie, BVUUF, Erie, CO

Mrs.  Jamie Rumsey, Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, Erie, CO

Robert Peters, Estes Park, CO

Rev. John Shaw, HChurch, Fort Collins, CO

Rabbi Hillel Katzir, Jewish Action Network of Northern Colorado, Fort Collins, CO

Pastor Michael Phillips, Immanuel Fellowship, Frisco, CO

Rev. Leta Behrens, ELCA, Ft. Collins, CO

Reverend Melinda Veatch, First Presbyterian Church, Glenwood Springs, CO

Dr. Steven Gebhard, Jefferson Unitarian Church, Golden, CO

Betty Lynn Ferguson, Jefferson Unitarian Church un, Golden, CO

Deacon Gail Britt, American Lutheran Church, Grand Junction, CO

Mrs.  Rita Roberts, Quaker, GRAND JUNCTION, CO

Rev.Dr. Paul Ashby, UCC- Grand Junction, Grand Junction, CO

Ms. Bethany Laurie, Saint Peter Lutheran Church, Highlands Ranch, CO

Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry, Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Lafayette, CO

Ms. Phylls Greene, Boulder Vallley Unitarian Univeralist Fellowship, Lafayette, CO

Mrs.  Donna Brynteson, BVUUF, Lafayette, CO

Ms. Jeanne MacVicar, Los Altos United Methodist Church, Lafayette, CO

Ms. Jill Surber Blackwell, Jefferson Unitarian Church, Lakewood, CO

Mrs. Natalie Parker, Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Longmont, CO

Ms. Elena Sluser, BVUUF, Longmont, CO

Ms. Debbie Lane, BVUUF, Longmont, CO

Rev. Donna Deffke, First Congregational Church, Longmont, CO

Ms. Kathryn Partridge, Together Colorado, Longmont, CO

Mrs.  Kathleen Jefferies, Boulder valley UU fellowship, Louisville, CO

Nancy Hartman, Louisville, CO

Reverend Amy Morgan, First United Presbyterian Church, Loveland, CO

Reverend Laurel Liefert, Namaqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Loveland, CO

Deidra Smith, Loveland, CO

Donna Slack, Loveland, CO

Ms. Valentina Pons, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Monte Vista, CO

Pastor Mike Herzog, The Refuge, Northglenn, CO

Shaliach Tzibur David Edwards, Congregation Ohr Shalom, Palisade, CO

Ms. Jeanne Maloney, Saint Peter Lutheran, Parker, CO

Reverend Lola WEst, Avondale UMC, Pueblo, CO

Dr Lamar Trant, Center for Inner Peace, Pueblo, CO

Rev.Dr. Neema Caughran, Center for Inner Peace, Pueblo, CO

Donna Mack, Center for inner Peace, Pueblo, CO

Rev. Christy Shain-Hendricks, Episcopal Church, Pueblo, CO

Mrs. Barbara Ripperger, King of Kings Lutheran church, Pueblo, CO

Rev. Gary Weaver, PCUSA, Pueblo, CO

The Rev. Jennifer Shadle, St. Peter the Apostle Episcopal Church, Pueblo CO, Pueblo, CO

Earl , Pueblo, CO

Deacon Linda Bobbitt, Blue Veil Ministries, Thornton, CO

Ms. Elsa Villalobos, thornton, CO

Rev. Wesley Dunbar, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Thornton, CO

Sr. Sheila Karpan, Sisters of Charity, Wheat Ridge, CO

Janet Renn, Ashford, CT

Debbie Kearns, East Hartford, CT

Rev. Carla Dietz, Reverend, Fairfield, CT

Rev. Carla Dietz, UCC, Fairfield, CT

Pastor Carla Dietz, Fairfield, CT

Rev. Dr Paul Hayes, Noank Baptist Church, Groton, CT

Rev. Richard Kremer, Grace Lutheran Church, Hartford, CT

Sister Elaine Betoncourt, Sisters if St Joseph, Hartford, CT

Sr. Elaine Betoncourt, Sisters of St. Joseph, Chambery/West Hartford, Hartford, CT

Sister Ruth Rosenbaum, Hartford, CT

Joann Koch, Lebanon, CT

Kevin Walsh, Madison, CT

James Rice, Middlebury, CT

Rev. Deborah Talbott, Middlefield, CT

Steven Andrychowski, New Britain, CT

Barbara Libby, New Haven, CT

Dr. Richard R Chamiec-Case, Sandy Hook, CT

Barbara Stinson, Stratford, CT

John Robinson, Tolland, CT

Fredette Hallstead, Torrington, CT

Patricia Colla, Sisters of Mercy, West Hartford, CT

Joseph Wasserman, West Hartford, CT

RSM Patricia Colla, West Hartford, CT

Christel Nolan, West Hartford, CT

Rev. Dr. Michael Aparo, Fr. Mike’s Ministry, Wethersfield, CT

Sister Ann Kane, Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery, Windsor, CT

Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb, Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation, Washington, DC

Rev. Robert Keithan, All Souls Church Unitarian, Washington, DC

Mr. Jose-Luis Sanchez, All Souls Church, Unitarian, Washington, DC

Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, Washington, DC

Sister Maureen Foltz, Carmelites, Vedruna CIJPIC, Washington, DC

Retired reacher Helen Petersberger, Cedar Lane UU Church, Washington, DC

Rev. Ellen Jennings, Cleveland Park Congregational UCC, Washington, DC

Ms. Lida Skrzypczak, cwa, Washington, DC

Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea, Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries, Washington, DC

Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea, Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries, Washington, DC

Mr. Merwyn De Mello, Dorothy Day Catholic Worker, Washington DC, Washington, DC

Ms. Tia Green, Faith In Action, Washington, DC

Jason Miller, Franciscan Action Network, Washington, DC

Rev. Raymond B Kemp, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Mrs.  Mary Tschudy, Holy Trinity Georgetown, Washington, DC

Rabbi Gilah Langner, Jewish, Washington, DC

Ms. Marie Dennis, Pax Christi International, Washington, DC

Rabbi Melanie Aron, Shir Hadash, Washington, DC

Sister Maria Orlandini, Sisters of Saint  Francis of Philadelphia, Washington, DC

Ms. Lauri Fitz-Pegado, St Alban’s, Washington, DC

Susan Gallucci, St. Camillus Catholic Church, Washington, DC

Cassandra Lawrence, United Methodist, Washington, DC

Ms. Patti Absher, Washington Ethical Society, Washington, DC

Ms. Judi Kane, Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC

Judith Kane, Washington National Cathedral, WASHINGTON, DC

Mackenzie Harris, Washington, DC

Lida Skrzypczak, Washington, DC

Rev. Ron Stief, National Religious Campaign Against Torture, Washington DC, DC

Maria Mairlot, Washinton DC, DC

Marc Azar, , DC

Mary Lareau, Congregation Action Network, Washington, DC, and MD and VA suburbs, DC, MD, VA

Mary Louise Allen, Bethany Beach, DE

Mrs.  Agnes Brien, Ursuline Associate, Frankford, DE

Ms. Alice Davis, Presbyterian USA, Wilmington, DE

Andrea Jacobs, Wilmington, DE

Author, Managing Editor Debra Gish, Crone Chronicles 20-20, 33850, FL

Maria Garcia, Roman Catholic, Altamonte Springs, FL

Rev. David Crump, Farmworker Association of Florida, Apopka, FL

Ms. Jan Fine, RAC-FL and Temple Beth El (Boca Raton), Boca Raton, FL

Rev. Evangeline Ward, Faith In Florida, Boynton Beach, FL

Mrs. Cheryl Grimes, New Disciples worship Center, Boynton Beach, FL

M Port, Boynton Beach, FL

Ms. Margaret Delegato, St Joseph, Bradenton, FL

Pastor Anthony Franklin, Christ Centered Conference Church, Cantonment, FL

Reverend Anita Marie Neal, Stewart Isom Memorial CME Church, Cape Coral, FL

Nancy Metz, Cape Coral, FL

President Agustin Quiles, Mission Talk Inc., Clermont, FL

Mr. Gregory Welch, Faith in Florida, Coral springs, FL

Pastor Margrita Romo margarita romo, Farmworkers Self-Help, Inc., Dade City, FL

Executive Director Olivia Cantu, Mustino Times, Dania Beach, Fl

Desiree Middleton, Dania Beach, FL

Pastor Arthur Jackson, Antioch Baptist Church, Davie, FL

Bishop Gary Scott, St Ruth MBC, Davie, FL

Ms. Melissa Marie, Self, Deerfield Beach, FL

Mrs. Estela Arroyo, Faith In Florida, Dover, FL

Pastor Alicia Anderson, St Phillip CME, Ellenton, FL

Jane Marquet, Englewood, FL

Robert Friedlander, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Mr. Paul Mondesir, NTPSAlliance, FORT MYERS, FL

Alison Carville, FORT MYERS, FL

Rev. Felicia Bruce, Faith in Public Life, Fort Pierce, FL

Rev. Ned  Childress, FIF, Fort pierce, FL

Bishop Joseph Kidwell, Greater Grace & Deliverance Ministries, Fort Pierce, FL

Nancy Stamm, Fort Pierce, FL

Dr. Porter Horne, Creekside Community Church, Ft White, FL

Ms. Mary Sirmons, Survivors of Murdered VictiMs. Support Group, Ft. Pierce, FL

Timothy Leslie, Gainesville, FL

Ronnie Bolling, Green Cove Springs, FL

ORGANIZER Katrice Johnson, Faith In Florida, Hallandale Beach, FL

Ms. Lisette Harris, Faith in Florida, Hollywood, FL

Ms. Angela Dennis Zigler, New Generation MBC, Hollywood, FL

Judith Ford, Hollywood, FL

Pastor Jeffrey Whitaker, Zoe-The Life Church, Homestead, FL

Ms. Andrea Knauber, Hudson, FL

Councilwoman Janet Hernandez, Village of Indiantown, Indiantown, FL

Mr. David Johnson, Unitarian Universalist Justice Florida, Jacksonville, FL

Felicity Hohenshelt, Jacksonville, FL

Alex Horton, Jacksonville, FL

LaTrall Simon, Jacksonville, FL

Rev. Toni Saul, Interfaith, Key Biscyne, FL

Mr. Burney Hayes, Lake Wales PAL, Lake Wales, FL

Mr. Warren Pattison, First United Methodist Church of Lakeland, FL, Lakeland, FL

Kathryn Rice, Lakeland, FL

Ted von Eiff, Land O Lakes, FL

Mrs. Lousinder Jenkins, Faith Temple, Lauderhill, FL

Bill Both, Leesburg, FL

Ms. Esther Garvett, AFT, Miami, FL

Mrs. Bertha Sanles, AMERICAN friends, miami, FL

Rev. Dr. Keny Felix, Bethel Evangelical Baptist Church, Miami, FL

Rev. Dr. Kay Williams-Dawson, Cathedral of Praise, Miami, FL

Mr. Frank Morra, Dedicated Dems, Miami, FL

Mrs.  Denise Brown, Faith In Florida, Miami, FL

Reverend Kenneth McGee, GHBC, Miami, FL

Ms. Sarah Mullins, Lab/Shul, Miami, FL

Elder Marilyn Walker, Majestic Ministries, Miami, FL

Pastor Lamont Finch, Miami Power House Church, Miami, FL

Rev. Willie McCrae, Redemption M.B. Church, Miami, FL

Ms. Ruby Lecounte-Baker, Women Walking In Dominion, Miami, FL

Mrs. Michelle Taylor, New Generation M. B. Church, Miami Garden, FL

Rev. Yaxey Jamison, Faith in Florida, Miami Gardens, FL

Pastor Noel Williams, Hope in Christ Outreach Ministries, Miami Gardens, FL

Pastor Neville Williams, Hope in Christ Outreach Ministries, Miami Gardens, FL

Chairman Khalid Mirza, Muslim communities association of south florida, Miami Gardens, FL

Kathleen Doyle, Miami Springs, FL

Imam Abdul Hamid SAMRA, Muslim Communities Association, Miramar, FL

Rev. Rhonda Thomas, New Generation Baptist Church, Miramar, FL

Linda Gazzola, Navarre, FL

Colonel Meyer, North Port, FL

Gregorio Molleja, Catholic Church, Orlando, FL

Mr. David Smith, Christian, Orlando, FL

Reverend Bettye Watson, Faith in Florida, Orlando, FL

Bishop Carroll Johnson, Lifevision Church, Orlando, FL

Mrs. LaVon Bracy, New Covenant, Orlando, FL

Pastor Selena Reyes, Nueva Comunidad Christian Church, Orlando, FL

Mr. Dennis Abney, Orlando Community Church, Orlando, FL

Mrs. Nancy Warlick, Park Lake Presbyterian Church, Orlando, FL

Daniel Bayley, Palm Bay, FL

Ms. Eileen Coogan, Allegany Franciscan Ministries, Palm Harbor, FL

Mr. Michael Jenkins, New Generation Baptist Church, Pembroke Pines, FL

John Conner, Pompano Beach, FL

Mrs.  EARLENE CAMPBELL, Faithful Member, Port Charlotte, FL

Judith Peter, Port Charlotte, FL

Karen Howard, Port Saint Lucie, FL

Dr Tracey Stallworth, Faith in Florida, Quincy, FL

Managing Partner Rohan Sutherland, Genesis Media, Royal Palm Beach, FL

Reverend J.C. Pritchett, Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, Saint Petersburg, FL

Ms. Renee Burk, Saint Petersburg, FL

Jim Loveland, Saint Petersburg, FL

Kevin Silvey, Seminole, FL

Rev. Dr. Betsy Goehrig, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in FL, Silver Springs, FL

Pastor Albert Polk, Faith In Florida, South Bay, FL

Deanna Smith, FRRC, St Lucie, FL

Mary Ann Holtz, St Petersburg, FL

Sister Florence Bryan, Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Augustine, FL

Nancy O’Byrne, St. Augustine, FL

Deacon Larry Condon, Faith in Florida/St. Joseph Catholic Church Stuart, Stuart, FL

Rev. Samuel Badger, First Prospect MB Church, Sun City Center, FL

Elder Priscilla Lyons, Faith Based, Tallahassee, FL

Pastor Lessie Collier, Fire & Hammer Int’l Training Center, Tallahassee, FL

ApostleEmory Collier III, Fire & Hammer Int’l Church, Tallahassee, FL

Reverend willie Dixon, COACH Faith Based Ministry, Inc., Tampa, FL

Organizer Linda Wiggins-Chavis, Faith in Florida, Tampa, FL

Rev. Dr. Russell Meyer, Florida Council of Churches, Tampa, FL

Frank Roder, Tampa, FL

Dr Elizabeth Jackson, Faith in Florida, Vero Beach, FL

Dr. Elizabeth Jackson, FAITH IN FLORIDA, Vero Beach, FL

Ms. Rene Colson, Faith in Florida, Vero Beach, FL

Mrs. Porche Dean, Life Changers Global Nation Ministries, Vero Beach, FL

Brenda James, Vero Beach, FL

David Holmes, WEST PALM BCH, FL

Mrs. Mary Castronuovo, Roman Catholic, West Palm Beach, FL

Mr. John Conner , Weston, FL

Sra. Teresita Matoa-Post, Beth-El Farmworker Ministry, Wimauma, FL

Fatima Ait Rami, Windermere, FL

Anne Fyffe, Alpharetta, GA

Allison Matthews, Alpharetta, GA

Nicole Pressley, Unitarian Universalist Association, Atlanta, GA

Rev. Joyce Myers-Brown, Atlanta, GA

Mary Kyle, Atlanta, GA

Mark Koritz, Atlanta, GA

Connor Bell, Atlanta, GA

Elaine DeSimone, BROOKHAVEN, GA

Tiana Brachel, Cartersville, GA

Allister Layne, Conyers, GA

Lola Larson, Cumming, GA

Elizabeth Kelly, Dalton, GA

Rev. Tom Hagood, New Sanctuary Movement of Atlanta, Decatur, GA

Pastor Tom Hagood, Decatur, GA

Kia Smith, Ellenwood, GA

Kia Smith, Ellenwood, GA

Shavonne Williams, Hephzibah, GA

Mr. Barry Heath Heath, UU Congregation of Gwiinnett, Hoschton, GA

Judy Stewart, Johns Creek, GA

Mrs. Katharine Hurlburt, We Welcome, Kennesaw, GA

Profesor Dorothy Foster, North Georgia Immigrant Justice/ Nacoochee Presbyterian Church, Sautee Nacoochee, GA

Dorothy Foster`, Sautee Nacoochee, GA

Dr John Brooks, Tate, GA

Ms. Pamela Cook, Johns Creek Christian Church Disciples of Christ, Tucker, GA

Christine Wiltrakis, Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity, Warner Robins, GA

Freeman Dryden, Kailua, HI

Ma Annette Schmidt, Mount Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Kihei, HI

Jacqui Skill, Lahaina, HI


Ms. Tia Pearson, A Christian, Wahiawa, HI

Ms. tia pearson, Wahiawa, HI

Tia Pearson, Wahiawa, HI

chris King, ames, IA

Elizabeth Bartholomew, Cedar Falls, IA

James Brady, Cedar Falls, IA

Ms. Mindy Kruckenberg, Cedar Rapids, IA

Sue Biederman, Cedar Rapids, IA

Kathie Murtey, Davenport, IA

Rev. Dr Steven Jacobsen, ELCA, Decorah, IA

Mrs.  Edith Jacobsen, First Lutheran ELCA, Decorah, IA

Ms. and Rev. Barbara and Jim Dale, First United Methodist Church, Decorah, IA

Ms. and Rev. Barbara and Jim Dale, First United Methodist Church, Decorah, IA

Steve Gude, Christian–Non-Denominational, Des Moines, IA

Ms. Jeane Harrison, Des Moines, IA

Jody Gibson, Des Moines, IA

Mr. William Cullen, Catholic, Dubuque, IA

Brother Brian McLauchlin, Divine Word Missionaries, Epworth, IA

Sister Jodelle Zimmerman, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Rock Valley, IA

Bernardo mujica, Sioux City, IA

Mrs. Vivian Parrish, Progressive Christian, Boise, ID

Rev. Carol Carter, Gooding United Methodist Church, Gooding, ID

Rev. Amanda-Gayle Reed, Gooding United Methodist Church, Goooding, ID

Gary Wattles, Meridian, ID

Br. Michael Gosch, Clerics of St. Viator, Arlington Heights, IL

Br. Michael Gosch, Clerics of St. Viator, Arlington Heights, IL

Mr. Tom Cordaro, Pax Christi Illinois, Aurora, IL

Sister Jane Beckman, Sr., Aurora, IL

Deacon Stephen AuBuchon, Catholic, Aviston, IL

David Brodnax, Berwyn, IL

Mr. Dennis Kreiner, mr, Carpentersville, IL

Dennis Kreiner, Carpentersville, IL

ML Ewing, Carthage, IL

The Rev. Stacy Alan, Brent House Episcopal Campus Ministry, Chicago, IL

Ms. Patricia Broderick, Catholic Charities of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Executive Director Michael Okinczyc-Cruz, Coalition for Spiritual and Public Leadership (CSPL), Chicago, IL

Ms. wendy carson, CRLN, CHICAGO, IL

Sister M Jean Keeley, Dominican Sister of Adrian, Chicago, IL

Ms. Mary Campbell, ELCA AMMPARO, Chicago, IL

The Reverend Sandra Castillo, Episcopal Diocese of Chicago Sanctuary Task Force, Chicago, IL

Mary Ann Penner, IHM Sisters, Chicago, IL

Rev. Sara Wohlleb, Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants, Chicago, IL

Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein, Jewish, Chicago, IL

Rev. Juan Gutiérrez, North Shore Baptist Church, Chicago, IL

Reverend Michael Ware, North Shore Baptist Church, Chicago, IL

Ms. Toni L Campbell, Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Chicago, IL

Father Robert Bossie, Priests of the Sacred Heart, Chicago, IL

Ms. Linda nishi, Salutation*, Chicago, IL

Ms. Jennifer Smith, Self, Chicago, IL

Sr. Kathleen Desautels, SP, Sisters of Providence, Chicago, IL

Fr. Larry Dowling, St. Agatha Catholic Church, Chicago, IL

Reverend Francisco Arroyo, United Methodist church, Chicago, IL

Joey sylvester, WAUCC Immigrant Justice Task Forcr, Chicago, IL

Ms. Chris Inserra, Wellington UCC, Immigrant Justice Task Force, Chicago, IL

Associate Minister for Immigrant Justice Rev. Craig Mousin, Wellington United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL

Rev. Ann-Louise Haak, Wellington United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL

Lois Heaston, Chicago, IL

AB Hartdegen, Chicago, IL

Peter Gunther, Chicago, IL

Sara Wohlleb, Chicago, IL

Melissa Lawrence, Chicago, IL

Marilynn Snider, Chicago, IL

William Bradley, Chicago, IL

Patrick Maloney, Chicago, IL

M Keeley, Chicago, IL

Wingate Steitz, Chicago, IL

Grant Swanson, Chicago, IL

Sister Catherine Leamy, Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, Countryside, IL

Sr. Ellen Orf, Hispanic ministry Catholic Diocese of Belleville, Damiansville, IL

Sr. Ellen Orf, Hispanic ministry of Clinton county Illinois, Damiansville, IL

Russ Ziegler, Downers Grove, IL

Diane Sonneman, East St. Louis, IL

Monica Keane, Roman Catholic, Elk Grove Village, IL

Dawn M Albanese, Elk Grove Village, IL

Ms. Teresa Earp, LWCC, Evanston, IL

Kenneth Jones, Evanston, IL

CAndace LaPorte, Great Lakes, IL

Alan Greene, Makom Solel Lakeside, Highland Park, IL

Rev. Sally Scheib, United Church of Christ, Hillside, IL

Richard Bartkowicz, Hoffman Estates, IL

Sister Juliann Flynn, Homewood, IL

Mr. Allen Scheid, Catholic, La Grange Park, IL

Sister Joellen Sbrissa, Congregation of St. Joseph, La Grange Park, IL

Silvia Comfort, Catholic, Lincoln, IL

Anne Wolowiec, Lombard, IL

Sister Elaine Campbell, Sisters of Charity, B.V.M., Mount Prospect, IL

Sr. Louise Nolta, Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, JPIC – USA, Northfield, IL

Justice and Peace Coordinator Sr. Louise Nolta, Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, USA-JPIC, Northfield, IL

Mrs. Charlaine McAnany, Catholic, Oak Park, IL

Patricia Pruitt, OAK PARK, IL

Tesse Donnelly, Oak Park, IL

Gene Majewski, Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Ms. Shirley Wooden, Presbyterian, Rockford, IL

Ms. Linda Zuba, Zuba & Associates, P.C., Rockford, IL

Ms. Margaret Stiglianese, Catholic, Saint Charles, IL

Sr. Mary Shaw, ASC, Springfield, IL

Martha Wolters, Martha E. Wolters, Springfield, IL

Ms. Carol Devoss, Congregational UCC, St. Charles, Il

Marge Francois, Ss Peter & Paul, Waterloo, IL

Leader Judy Illig, Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Wheaton, IL

Sr. Katherine Donnelly, Dominican Sister , Sparkill, NY, Wilmette, IL

Robert Wulff, United Methodist, Wilmette, IL

Mrs. Karen Jackson, Peace and Social Justice Committee, Christ the Servant Church, Woodridge, IL

Karen Jackson, Woodridge, IL

Paul Eisenberg, Bloomington, IN

Volunteer Youth Leader Karen Kydd, Carmel United Methodist Church, Carmel, IN

Father Martin Peter, Catholic, Columbus, IN

Rev. Clement Davis, St. Bartholomew Catholic Church, Columbus, IN

Sister Nora Hahn, Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, Donaldson, IN

Sister Kathleen Quinn, Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, Donaldson, IN

Sister Sharon Fox, Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, Donaldson, IN

Jolise May, Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, Donaldson, IN

Dr. Michele Dvorak, Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, East Chicago, IN

Linda Evinger, Evansville, IN

Mark Grassman, Evansville, IN

John Kirchner, Fort Wayne, IN

Pastor Lora Nafziger, Assembly Mennonite Church, Goshen, IN

Pastor Karl Shelly, Assembly Mennonite Church, Goshen, IN

Sharon Baker, Goshen, IN

Paulette Flench, Greenfield, IN

William Retseck, Griffith, IN

  1. Lucy Regalado, Catholic, Huntington, IN

Rev. Jessica Torres-Torres, American Baptists Churches of USA, Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Andrew Dreitcer, Claremont School of Theology, Indianapolis, IN

Pastor Richard Willoughby, Faith in Indiana, Indianapolis, IN

Rev. Nicole Barnes, Faith in Indiana, Indianapolis, IN

Rev. Evan Bever, First Baptist Church of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN

Pastor Ke’tre Dickens, Martindale Church, Indianapolis, IN

Rabbi Dr Nadia Siritsky, Reform Judaism, Indianapolis, IN

Fr. Dennis Schafer, Saint Patrick Church, Indianapolis, IN

Father John McCaslin, St. Monica Catholic Church, Indianapolis, IN

Rev. Melissa Millis, Trinity Church, Indianapolis, IN

Nancy Holle, Indianapolis, IN

Mary Reese, Indianapolis, IN

William Ryerson, Indianapolis, IN

Bruce Hlodnicki, Indianapolis, IN

Michelle Lyzenga, Lafayette, IN

Sister Elizabeth Smoyer, SNDdeN, Mishawaka, IN

Mrs.  Lora Wade, St Augustine, Mishawaka, IN

Sr. Marjorie English, Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg, IN

Sister Noella Poinsette, Sisters of St. Francis (Oldenburg), Oldenburg, IN

Noella Poinsette, Oldenburg, IN

Ms. Shirley Bell, Catherine Kasper Life Center, Plymouth, IN

  1. Joan Mary Joan Mary Schaefer, Sisters of Providence, Saint Mary of the Woods, IN

Deaconess Nancy Walter, Lutheran Diaconal Association, Schererville, IN

Sr. Connie Ach, PHjC, South Bend, IN

Mr. Dan Mandell, St. Augustine Catholic Parish, South Bend, IN

Jessie Johnson, South Bend, IN

Charles Happel, Speedway, IN

Daniel Davis, Iola, KS

Sister Therese Bangert, Safe & Welcoming Wyandotte, Kansas City, KS

Sister Linda Roth, Sisters of Charity, Kansas City, KS

Pastor George M Melby, Kansas City, KS

Ms. Brandy Ernzen, United Church of Christ, Lawrence, KS

Pam Botts, Lawrence, KS

Sister Rita Orleans, SCL, Leavenworth, KS

Gloria Solomon, Leavenworth, KS

Octavia Pleas, Olathe, KS

Rev. Dan Noll, Roman Catholic Church, Lexington, KY

Ms. Denise Robison, Catholic, Louisville, KY

Rev. James Flynn, Archdiocese of Louisville, KY, Louisville, KY

Rev. John Richardson, Beargrass Christian Church, Louisville, KY

Dr. Frank Woggon, Crescent Hil Baptist Church, Louisville, KY

Mr. Jud Hendrix, Interfaith Paths to Peace, Louisville, KY

Cantor Sharon Hordes, Keneseth Israel, Louisville, KY

Mr. Stephen Dutschke, N, Louisville, KY

Mary Wurtz, Roman Catholic, Louisville, KY

Sidyer Julie Driscoll, Louisville, KY

Donald Seeger, Louisville, KY

Andrea Stone, Louisville, KY

Stephen Dutschke, Louisville, KY

  1. Mary Miller, Sisters of Charity, Nazareth, KY

Rev. Jennifer Jones, Shiloh MBC, Baton Rouge, LA

Alexistori Gonzalez, Echofriendly, Belchasse, LA

Lynette Bech, Franklinton, LA

Rev. Dr. Dr. Earl Griffin, Barrier Breaking Enterprises, Grambling, LA

Keyon Jeff, Houma, LA

Mr. Charlie Freel, CTA, Kenner, LA

Clinton Keaton, Marrero, LA, LA

Dr. Sue Weishar, Jesuit Social Research Institute, New Orleans, LA

Pastor Mary Scott, Love Cathedral, New Orleans, LA

Sister Monica Gundler SC, Sister of Charity, New Orleans, LA

Deacon Allen Stevens, The Micah Project, New Orleans, LA

Deacon Harold Vincent, Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA

George Bond, New Orleans, LA

Rabbi Michael Rothbaum, Congregation Beth Elohim, Acton, MA

Michael Rothbaum, Acton, MA

Rabbi Alex Weissman, Congregation Agudas Achim, Attleboro, MA

Rabbi Susan Abramson, Temple Shalom Emeth, Bedford, MA

Elizabeth Olson, Bedford, MA

Sue Swanson, Bedford, MA

The Rev. Robert Livingston, United Church of Christ, Belchertown, MA

Rev. Joan Amaral, Zen Center North Shore, Beverly, MA

Mrs. Eleanor Toth, Toth Eleanor, Bolton, MA

The Rev. Canon Dr. Jean Baptiste Ntagengwa, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, Boston, MA

Ms. Aviva Herr-Welber, Essex County Community Organization (ECCO), Boston, MA

Sister Margaret Lanen, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Boston, MA

Patricia Keefe, Braintree, MA

Laurie Toner, Brighton, MA

Susan Spilecki, Brighton, MA

Jeanne Lafond, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Brockton, MA

Mrs. Mary Chin, First Congreational Church of Thetford, Brookline, MA

Leader Susan Teshu, American Ethical Union, Cambridge, MA

Rabbi David Kudan, Temple Tiferet Shalom, Cambridge, MA

Mr. Norman Miller, retired, Concord, MA

Ms. Holly Darzen, Trinitarian Congregational Church, Concord, MA

Mr. Edward Mowrey, Roman Catholic Community of Gloucester and Rockport Mass, Gloucester, MA

Taylor Brown, Haverhill, MA

Rev. TIMOTHY JOYCE, Glastonbury Abbey, Hingham, MA

Rev. Lara Hoke, First Church Unitarian, Littleton, MA


Ms. Maureen McCarthy, Marblehead, MA


Ms. Margaret Chisholm, St Raphael Parish, Medford, MA

Margaret Chisholm, Medford, MA

Rabbo Cherie Koller-Fox, NEWCAJE INC, Newton, MA

Mrs.  Virginia Jastromb, Episcopal, Northampton, MA

Ms. Amy Henry, Northampton, MA

The Rev. Nathan Ives, St. Peter’s/San Pedro Episcopal Church, Salem, MA

Laurance LaBrecque, Shrewsbury, MA

Rev. Betsy Sowers, Old Cambridge Baptist Church, South Weymouth, MA

Betsy Sowers, South Weymouth, MA

Deacon Kevin McCarthy, Blessed Sacrament Parish, Springfield, MA

Deacon Kevin McCarthy, Blessed Sacrament Parish, Springfield, MA

Ms. Karyn Barry, Grace, Waltham, MA

Ailsa Hermann-Wu, Waltham, MA

Kate Hermann-Wu, Waltham, MA

Ms. Anandita Kumar, Ms, Westford, MA

Brad Rothrock, Episcopalian, Brighton, MA

Coordinator US JPIC , Sister Rita Heywood, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Dorchester, MA

Firelly Rios, Movimiento Nacional Santuario, Lawrence, MA

Dr. Charles Davis, Broadneck Baptist Church, Annapolis, MD

Rev. Dr. Ken Brooker Langston, Disciples Center for Public Witness, Annapolis, MD

Rev. Alvin Herring, FAITH in ACTION, Baltimore, MD

Rev. Cat Goodrich, Faith Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, MD

Dr. Germano Brandes, Kabbalah Brandes house, Baltimore, MD

Sr. Mary Revering, Little Sisters of Jesus, Baltimore, MD

Rev. Lyn Cox, Washington Ethical Society, Baltimore, MD

Sister Debbie Liesen, Baltimore, MD

Lyn, Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Rachel Hersh, Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation, Bethesda, MD

Ms. Lee McNair, Unitarian Universalist Environmental Justice Ministry, Bethesda, MD

Rev. Charlene Belsom Zellmer, Unitarian Universalista for Social Justice and MD Against ICE Detentiom, Bethesda, MD

Ms. Susan Kirk, Westmoreland Congregational UCC, Bethesda, MD

Annmarie, Bowie, MD

Mrs.  Beverly Antonio, Christian, Centreville, MD

Ms. Kathy Bovello, Chevy Chase, MD

Mrs. Charlotte Jones-Carroll, River Road Unitarian Universalist (Immigration Action Team), Chevy Chase, MD

Mrs. Charlotte Jones-Carroll, River Road UU Congregation, Chevy Chase, MD

Bonnie Zager, Member, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), College Park, MD

Rabbi Sonya Starr, Columbia Jewish Congregation, Columbia, MD

Mr. Girma Tsegaye, Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Columbia, MD

Reverend Hector Rodriguez, The Episcopal Church, Columbia, MD

Constance Otto, Cumberland, MD

Meya Law, District Heights, MD

Ms. Meredith Phelan, Catholic, Emmitsburg, MD

Rev. Dr. Eliezer Valentin-Castanon, The United Methodist Church, Frederick, MD

Ms. Leslie Alexander, Fulton, MD

Suzanne Clark, Pax Christi Metro DC St. Rose of Lima parish, Gaithersburg, MD

Mr. Robert Cooke, Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore, Gaithersburg, MD

Elizabeth Moore, Gaithersburg, MD

Rev. Linda Harrison, Germantown, MD

The Rev. Anne (Ana) Langerak, Hope Lutheran Church, Greenbelt, MD

Rabbi Saul Oresky, self, Greenbelt, MD

Sister Marie Lucey, Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, Greenbelt, MD

Reverend Michelle Burkholder, Hyattsville Mennonite Church, Hyattsville, MD

Rector Padre Vidal Rivas, St/ Matthew’s Episcopal Church/Iglesia Episcopal San Mateo, Hyattsville, MD

Ms. Linda Murphy, Unaffiliated, Hyattsville, MD

Ms. Annette Breiling, Frederick Friends Meeting, Ijamsville, MD

Ms. Molly Hauck Hauck, Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church, Kensington, MD

Rabbi Daria Jacobs-Velde, Oseh Shalom, Laurel, MD

Mrs. Ann Price, United Methodist Community, Mitchellville, MD

Edith Smith, Mount Airy, MD

Reverend Cynthia Lapp, Hyattsville Mennonite Church, Mount Rainier, MD

Director of Spirituality Dwayne Fernandes, New Ways Ministry, Mount Rainier, MD

Kate Sugarman, Jewish, Potomac, MD

Board member Gary Sampliner, JAMAAT — Jews and MusliMs. and Allies Acting Together, Rockville, MD

Dr. Stephen Eckstrand, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockville, Rockville, MD

Ministerial Intern Kirk Freeman, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockville, Rockville, MD

Mrs. Priscilla Schmitt, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockville, Rockville, MD

Rev. Dr. Rebekah Savage, UU Congregation of Rockville, MD, Rockville, MD

Kristen Brown, Rockville, MD

Church Council Co-Chair Joann Davis, Broadneck Baptist Church, Severna Park, MD

Past President Carol Blythe, Alliance of Baptists, Silver Spring, MD

Mr. Jerry Kickenson, Congregation Action Network, Silver Spring, MD

Sr. Brigid Lawlor, Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, U.S. Provinces, Silver Spring, MD

Rabbi Josh Jacobs-Velde, Congregation Oseh Shalom, Silver Spring, MD

Rev. Betty Landis, ELCA Lutheran, Silver Spring, MD

Sister Ann Scholz, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Silver Spring, MD

Sr. Ann Scholz, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Silver Spring, MD

Mr. Lawrence Couch, National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Silver Spring, MD

Rabbi Robert Saks, Retired, Silver Spring, MD

President Patricia McDermott, RSM, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Silver Spring, MD

Anna DeNicolo, UCC, Silver Spring, MD

Ms. Mary Hunt, Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual (WATER), Silver Spring, MD

Donna Sawyer, Silver Spring, MD

Mr. David Strauss, Takoma Park, MD

  1. Ross Wells, Washington Ethical Society, Takoma Park, MD

Friend Kathryn Funkhouser, Religious Society of Friends, Thurmont, MD

Sister Janice FARNHAM, Sisters of Jesus and Mary, University Park, MD

Ms. Linda Black, Mt. Airy Bicycles, Woodbine, MD

Allison Keef, Bangor, ME

Ashley Ouellette, Biddeford, ME

Emmah Doucette, Fryeburg, ME

Suzanne Hedrick, Nobleboro, ME

Pat Berger, Oakland, ME

Barbara DeCoste, Our Lady of Hope Parish, Portland, ME

Rev. Gary Nettleton, Wells, ME

Sister Nancy Murray, Adrian Dominican Sisters, Adrian, MI

Ms. Janet Cannon, Interfaith Center for Peace and Justice, Ann Arbor, MI

Ms. Mary Anne Perrone, Latin America Task Force of the Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice, Ann Arbor, MI

Dr. Ashley Lucas, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI

Richard Han, Ann Arbor, MI

Lisa Hirsch, Ann Arbor, MI

Denise Brennan, Auburn Hills, MI

Rev. David Morton, Chapel Hill UMC,, Battle Creek, MI

Julia Skelton, Belleville, MI


Rosemary Insley, Catholic, Berkley, MI

Nancy Koehler, Comstock Park, MI

Mr. Joseph Maurer, Gesu Catholic Church, Detroit, MI

Sister RSM Karen Donahue, Detroit, MI

Dianne Bragg, Detroit, MI

Emily Randles, Detroit, MI

Reverend Neal Anderson, Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing, East Lansing, MI

Amy Ryberg, Farmington, MI

Sister Karen Anne Wieleba, Bernardine Franciscan Sisters, OSF, Farmington Hills, MI

Sister Gemma Legel, OSF, Farmington Hills, MI

Executive Director Eileen Hayes, Michigan Faith in Action, Flint, MI

Reverend Justo González, Joy Like a River UCC, Grand Rapids, MI

Rev. Curt Roelofs, Shawnee Park CRC, Grand Rapids, MI

Denise Shankin, Grand Rapids, MI

Kirk Bails, Harrison Twp, MI

Tom Mulder, Hudsonville, MI

Grace Strong, Ironwood, MI

Mr. Jon Krueger, Presbyterian, Jackson, MI

Rabbi Simone Schicker, Kalamazoo, MI

Rev. Michael D. Anderson, 831 SHAWANO DR, Mason, MI

Sister Monica Stuhlreyer, Monroe, MI

Judith Bonini, IHM, Monroe, MI

James Zalba, Okemos, MI

Kim Spencer, Pontiac, MI

Dr Janet Stankowski, Madonna university, Roseville, MI

Dr Janet Stankowski Stankowski, Roman catholic, Roseville, MI

Ms. Rana Irby, Roman Catholic, Southfield, MI

Rev. Michael Mulberry, Pilgrim Congregational UCC, St. Joseph, MI

Victor Liu, Catholic, Superior Township, MI

Vicky McAree, Catholic, Superior Township, MI


Elizabeth Burns, Sisters of Mercy, White Lake, MI

Mrs. Kathleen Mc Mahon, St. Mary Student Parish, Ypsilanti, MI

Mark L. Nelson, Annandale, MN

marilyn gockowski, duluth, MN

Judy Peterson, Eagan, MN

Geri Martin, Eden Prairie, MN

Rev. Rick King, Falcon Heights Church, United Church of Christ, Falcon Heights, MN

Rev. Shodo Spring, Mountains and Waters Alliance, Faribault, MN

Mr. Ramiro Herrera, Frost, MN

Pastor Jeff Horejsi, Church of St. Philip, Litchfield, MN

Sister Maurita Bernet, Little Falls, MN

Ms. Pamela Rostal, Lakeview Lutheran Church, Maplewood, MN

Ms. Mary Root, Sisters of Saint Joseph and Consociates, Maplewood, MN

Ms. Ann Beane, Minneapolis, MN

Father Dale Korogi, Church of the Ascension, Minneapolis, MN

Ms. Anne Attea, Church of the Ascension, Minneapolis, MN

Rev. Dr. Laurie Feille, Disciples Public Presence, Minneapolis, MN

Dr. & Mrs. peter and peggy yackel, Edina Community Lutheran, Minneapolis, MN

Seminarian Trevor Skorburg, ELCA, Minneapolis, MN

Brian Trubowitz, Jew, Minneapolis, MN

Rev. christian briones, Mayflower Church, Minneapolis, MN

  1. Diane Haines, Mayflower UCC immigration Team Committees Chair, Minneapolis, MN

Gretchen Griffin, Mayflower United Church of Christ, Minneapolis, MN

Professor Bill Hutchison, Mercy Vineyard church, Minneapolis, MN

Mr. Richard Fish, Minneapolis, MN

John Humphrey, Plymouth Congregational Church, Minneapolis, MN

Ms. Nan Stevenson, St. Frnces Cabrini, Minneapolis, MN

Pastor Nathan Roberts, United Church of Christ, Minneapolis, MN

Rev. Douglas Donley, University Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN

Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg, Minneapolis, MN

Elizabeth Paulson, Minneapolis, MN

Ryan Baka, Minneapolis, MN

Don Hon, Minneapolis, MN

Andrea Kuenning, MINNEAPOLIS, MN

Jason Husby, minneapolis, MN

Elisabeth Heefner, Mpls, MN

Peter and Peggy Yackel, Plymouth, MN

Mrs. Mary Doucette, Cojourner with Sisters of St. Francis, Rochester, MN

The Rev. Dr. David Brunner, Rochester, MN

Nancy Casey, Rochester, MN

Dr. Ronald Pagnucco, Saint Joseph, MN

Renee Domeier, Saint Joseph, MN

Joan Felling, Saint Joseph, MN

  1. Dennis Alanen, individual, Saint Paul, MN

Ms. Nan Engelhardt, Saint Paul, MN

Sister Betty Kenny, Rochester MN Franciscan, Saint Paul, MN

Mr. John McKenzie, Roman Catholic, Saint Paul, MN

Mr. Jerry Blume, Saint Cecilias, Saint Paul, MN

Ms. Joanne Kellen, St Cecilia’s Catholic Church, Saint Paul, MN

Ms. Nan Stevenson, St Frances Cabrini, Saint Paul, MN

Ms. Mary Kozmik, St Paul’s Monastery, Saint Paul, MN

Rev. Dr. Theresa Mason, United Methodist, Saint Paul, MN

Jerry Blume, Saint Paul, MN

Harry Bury, St Paul, MN

Bernadette Weber, St. Cloud, MN

Eunice Antony, St. Joseph, MN, MN

Dr. Sue Wick, Roman Catholic, St. Paul, MN

Pastor Caitlyn Stenerson, Evangelical Covenant Church, Stillwater, MN

Mrs.  ML Menikheim, Roman Catholic, Stillwater, MN

Jill Schwendeman, Stillwater, MN

Ms. Sheila Dillon, Willmar, MN

Priscilla M Weber, Bridgeton, MO

Ms. Debbie Mannion, Ascension, Chesterfield, MO

Reverend Pamela June Webb, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Chillicothe, MO

Mrs.  Janet Jones, Broadway Christian Church, Columbia, MO

Rev. Martha Jolly, Broadway Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Columbia, MO

Reverend Martha Jolly, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), retired, Columbia, MO

Sister Francine Koehler, School Sisters of Notre Dame, Columbia, MO

Rev. Molly Housh Gordon, UU Church of Columbia, MO, Columbia, MO

Mr. Raymond Zahra, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, Florissant, MO

Sister Marilyn Peot, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Louis, Gladstone, MO

Marilyn Long, Grandview, MO

David Christian, Kansas City, MO

Mrs. Emily Kuttenkuler, Kirkwood United Church of Christ, Kirkwood, MO

Ms. Karen Kaul, Kirkwood United Church of Christ, Kirkwood, MO

Mary Mohl, Kirkwood United Church of Christ, Kirkwood, MO

Jeffrey Hollender, LIBERTY, MO

Ms. Mirjam Collegeman, Unitarian Universalist, Manchester, MO

Mr. Robert Haslag, Citizen, Nixa, MO

Sister Geraldine Vogel, CPPS, O Fallon, MO

Sr. Carol Orf, Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, O Fallon, MO

Sr. Mary Cecile Gunelson, Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, O Fallon, MO

Sr. CARMEN SCHNYDER, St. Mary’s Institute, O Fallon, MO

Sister Carol Boschert, O’ Fallon, MO

Sister Susan Borgel, Catholic, O’Fallon, MO

Sister Mary Therese DeMoor, CPPS, O’Fallon, MO

Sr. Barbara Koch, Sister of the Most Precious Blood, O’Fallon, MO

Sister Geraldine Vogel, Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, O’Fallon, MO

Sister Barbara Schlatter, Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, O’Fallon, MO

Sister Janice Bader, Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, O’Fallon, MO

Sister Carol Orf, Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, O’Fallon, MO

Sister Mary Therese DeMoor, Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, O’Fallon, MO

Charlene Grieshaber, Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, O’Fallon, MO

Sr. Mary Cecile Gunelson, CPPS, OFallon, MO

Rev. James Deshotel, RECON, Robertsville, MO

Dr. Thomas Kulla-Abbott , Saint Charles, MO

Ms. Sister Bernie Galvin, Congregation of Divine, Texas, Saint Charles, MO

Mrs. BARBARA J FAVRE, Catholic, Saint Louis, MO

Sister Martha Jaegers, Dominican Sister of Sparkill, Saint Louis, MO

Ms. Margaret Croner, Saint Louis, MO

Mrs. Mary Jo Williams, Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, Saint Louis, MO

Mrs. Barbara J. Favre, Parishioner St. Raphael the Archangel, Saint Louis, MO

Sister a Himmelberg, Sister of the Most Precious Blood of O’Fallon, MO, Saint Louis, MO

Sister Dolores Kalina, Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Saint Louis, MO

Reverenf Arthur Blumeyer, White House Retreat, Saint Louis, MO

Carleen Reck, Saint Louis, MO

Sr. Eileen Schieber, SISTERS OF THE MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD, Saint Peters, MO

Mrs.  Beverly Wilkerson, Catholic. at Vincent DePaul Parish, Sedalia, MO

Mr. Harold Watson, Springfield, MO

Harold Watson, Springfield, MO

Ms. Martha Brown, Hope, ST CHARLES, MO



Mrs.  clare duffy, ST. LOUIS, MO

Sister Loretto Maes, Roman Catholic, St. Louis, MO

Sister Anna Himmelberg, Sister of the Most Precious Blood of O’Fallon, MO, St. Louis, MO

Sister Mary Flick, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Louis, MO

Sister Loretto Maes, Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, O’Fallon, MO, St. Louis, MO

Sister Carolyn Pozarich, Srs. Of the Most Precious Blood, St. Louis, MO

Provincial Prioress Elizabeth Ryan, Ursuline Sisters, Central Province USA, St. Louis, MO

Rev. Christine Pennington-Stancil, Wayman AME, St. Louis, MO

Ms. Carole Hughes, Webster Groves Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), St. Louis, MO

Geoffrey Pruitt, St. Louis, MO

Lauren Kofsky, Whiteman Air Force Base, MO

Sr. Alies Therese, Hermit, Ackerman, MS

Nancy Schreck, OSF, Okolona, MS

Mary Dostal, Catholic, Billings, MT

jeanne tranel, billings, MT

Brother Jamed Krause, FSC, De La Salle Christian Brothers, Browning, MT

Ms. Kerry Krebill, St. Peter’s Episcopal Cathedral, Clancy, MT

Mary Thibaudeau, Great Falls, MT   59403, MT

Mrs. Margarita McLarty, Retired Youth Minister, Bozeman United Methodist Church, Pray, MT

Rev. Dr Douglas Wingeier, United Methodist Church, Asheville, NC

Debbie McMannis, Asheville, NC

Sister Mary Schmuck RSM, Belmont, NC

Rev. Jerene Broadway, Alliance of Baptists / Hospital Chaplain, Black Mountain, NC

Ms. Rebecca Askew, Alliance of Baptists/Circle of Mercy, Black Mountain, NC

Ms. Joy McConnell, American Ethical Union, Black Mountain, NC

Rev. Richard Tucker, Alliance of Baptists, Brevard, NC

Judith Nebrig, Brevard, NC

Ms. Alice Wieting, CSL, Burlington, NC

Reverend Susan Steinberg, Reverend, Carrboro, NC

RoseMaria Root, Carthage, NC

Rev. Lauren Efird, Greenwood Forest Baptist Church, Cary, NC

Ms. Susan Edelstein, Cary, NC

Ms. Susan Morance , Chapel Hill, NC

Kahran Myers, Charlotte, NC

Rosemary Schmid, Charlotte, NC

Rev. Karen Kaser-Odor, Concord, NC

Rabbi Salem Pearce, Carolina Jews for Justice, Durham, NC

Lauren Fine, Jewish Community Member, Durham, NC

Rev. Dr. Herbert Davis, Nehemiah Church COGIC, Durham, NC

Rev. Dr. Mikael Broadway, Shaw University Divinity School, Durham, NC

Mr. Michael Minnick, Not affiliated, Fayetteville, NC

Ms. Dottie Blanchard, First Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, NC

Mark Sandlin, Greensboro, NC

Father John M. Pagel, Catholic Church/Charlotte Diocese, Hendersonville, NC

Nathaniel Grubbs, Hendersonville, NC

  1. Watson, Hendersonville, NC

Rev. Dr. Tammerie Day, Alliance of Baptists, Hillsborough, NC

Rachel Phillips, Holly Springs, NC

Rev. Paula Dempsey, Alliance of Baptists, Mars Hill, NC

Rev. Art Smoker, First P3, Burnsville, Mars Hill, NC

Art Smoker, Mars Hill, NC

Rev. Jeanine Driscoll, Episcopal Church, Mebane, NC

Eileen McCorry, Pittsboro, NC

Rev. Kimberly Wyatt, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Raleigh, NC

Rev. Marc Wyatt, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Raleigh, NC

Mrs.  Kathryn Johnson, Roman Catholic, Raleigh, NC

Pastor Scott Hovey, St. John’s Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC

Reverend Karen Eickhoff, Trinity Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC

Rev. Steve Hickle, United Methodist, Raleigh, NC

Michael Eisenberg, RALEIGH, NC

Sandy Irving, Raleigh, NC

Stacey Cannon, Salisbury, NC

Ms. Karen Mallam, Siler City, NC

thomas lux, State Road, NC

Nadine Duckworth, Taylorsville, NC

Rev. Ashley Calhoun, Waynesville, NC

Kaye Ratliff, Wdesboro, NC

Rev. Dr. Stuart Lamkin, First Baptist Church Weaverville, Weaverville, NC

J.P. Bolick, Weaverville, NC

Joan Parks, Whittier, NC

The Rev. Christine Payden-Travers, retired Episcopal priest, Winston Salem, NC

Bigyan Devkota, Independent, Fargo, ND

Reverend Deacon John Anderson, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Fargo, ND

Rev. Donna Olsen, Grand Forks, ND, ND

Rev. Marcee Binder, United Methodist Church- Missouri River District, Bellevue, NE

Linda Gertig, Bellevue, NE

Judith Sandeen, Hastings, NE

Paul and Ruth Few, Edenton Christian Church, Lincoln, NE

Ms. Kelly Tadeo Orbik, Schlegel Center for Service and Justice, Omaha, NE

Rev. Dr. Gail Kinney, Meriden (NH) Congegational Church, UCC, Canaan, NH

Ms. Anne Emerson, Quaker, Canterbury, NH

Rev. Emily Burr, UU Congregation of Franklin (NH), Canterbury, NH

Ms. Wiltrud Mott-Smith, Unitarian Universalist Church of Concord, NH, Concord, NH

Ken Barnes, Jewish Progressive Action (NH), Contoocook, NH

Maggie Fogarty, Dover Friends Meeting (Quakers), Dover, NH

Ms. Barbara Lehocky, Jewish, Dover, NH

Reverend Sandra Pontoh, NH Indonesian Community Support, Dover, NH

Ms. Deborah Leavitt, The Immigrant Housing and Accompaniment Team of The Community Church of Durham, Dover, NH

Mr. Carl Prellwitz, United Methodist, Dover, NH

Carl Prellwitz, Dover, NH

Mrs. Juddie Barrett, Community Church of Durham, Durham, NH

Beryl Harper, Community Church of Durham, Durham, NH

Ann Hotchkiss, Community Church of Durham, Durham, NH

Rev. David Grishaw-Jones, Community Church of Durham (UCC), Durham, NH

Reverend Mary James, Community Church of Durham, UCC, Durham, NH

Reverend Dale Hempen, Rev., Durham, NH

Leader Rosemary J. Affeldt, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Enfield, NH

Kathy Upson, Exeter, NH

Mr. David Blair, Community Church of Harrisville and Chesham, Harrisville, NH

Ms. Veronica Colby, Lebanon, LaSalette of Enfield, NH, Lebanon, NH

Ms. Leslie Martin, Community Church of Durham, NH, Lee, NH

Ms. Sarah Jane Knoy, Granite State Organizing Project, Manchester, NH

Sister of Mercy Mary Ellen Foley, Sisters of Mercy, Manchester, NH

Rev. Chris Potter, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Manchester, Manchester, NH

Erline Towner, Milford, NH

Dr Candace Colemccrea, Raptors Calling llc, MILTON, NH

Mr. Christopher Howard, Church of the Good Shepherd, Nashua, NH

Mr. Mark Sylor, Church of the Good Shepherd, NASHUA, NH

Sister Eileen Brady, Sisters of Mercy Northeast, Nashua, NH

Sister Assunta Riley, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Nashua, NH

Janet Prince, Nashua, NH

Ms. Jane Gallant, Community Church of Durham, Newmarket, NH

Audrey Drogseth, Community Church of Durham, UCC, Newmarket, NH

Mrs. Carolyn Morse-Finn, Congregational Parishioner, Nottingham, NH

member Virginia Schonwald, Gonic Friends Meeting, Rochester, NH

Natalie Crotty, Community Church of Durham, STRAFFORD, NH

Rosalind Edman, St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Brigantine, NJ

Fr. Jack Martin, HSNNE, Caldwell, NJ

Sister Bonnie McMenamin, Sisters of Saint Joseph, Camden, NJ

Dr. Rita Cinelli, Christ Our Light Catholic Church, Cherry Hill, NJ

Judy Kushner, Cherry Hill, NJ

Rev. Sherman Skinner, PCUSA, Denville, NJ

Nancy Chismar, Edison, NJ

Rev. Phil Tom, International Council of Community Churches, Elizabeth, NJ

Rev. Preston Thompson, Faith in Bergen, Englewood, NJ

Sister Susan Francois, Sisters of St Joseph of Peace, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Dr. Georganne D’Angelo, UUCWC, Ewing, NJ

Rev. Dr. Patricia Medley, The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Holmdel, NJ, Freehold, NJ

Gerald Shambaugh, Glassboro, NJ

Mr. Joseph Fleming, St. Teresa of Calcutta, Haddon Township, NJ

Rev. Fred Sharp, Concord Missionary Baptist Church, Hillsborough, NJ

Philip J. Hyun, Jackson, NJ

Ms. Ellen Nash, Blauvelt, Jersey City, NJ

Barbara Perlmutter, JERSEY CITY, NJ

Katherine Castro, Kearny, NJ

Sr. Maureen Colleary, FSP, Leonia, NJ

Reverend Leslie Watson Wilson, African American Ministers In Action, Linden, NJ

Melissa Ramundo, Long Branch, NJ

Sister Connie Trainor, Sisters of Saint Joseph, Margate, NJ

Ms. Melissa Schaffer, Bnai Keshet, Montclair, NJ

Mr. Jarrett Cloud, Morris Plains, NJ

Jarrett Cloud, Morris Plains, NJ

Mrs. Lindsay Idler, Cultivate Church, Mount Ephraim, NJ

Mr. William Schulze, Catholic Church of St. Mary, Cherry Hill, NJ, Mount Laurel, NJ

Mrs.  Frances Recca, Netcong, NJ

Rev. Sherry Taylor, Plainfield, NJ

Ms. Charlene Walker, Faith In New Jersey, Rahway, NJ

Nick Berezansky, Ridgewood, NJ

Rabbi Joel N. Abraham, Temple Sholom/Faith in NJ, Scotch Plains, NJ

Rev. Emilie Boggis, Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Summit, NJ

Ms. Ellen Boylan, Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit, Summit, NJ

Ms. Sandra Austin, Ewing-Covenant Presbyterian Church, Trenton, NJ

Nancy Opalski, Trenton, NJ

Reverend Martha Gallahue, United Religions Initiative, Weehawken, NJ

Miss Denise Lytle, Woodbridge, NJ

Miss Denise Lytle, Woodbridge, NJ

Denise Lytle, Woodbridge, NJ

Rev. Erica Lea-Simka, Albuquerque Mennonite Church, Albuquerque, NM

Pastor Anne Morawski, Holy Cross Lutheran Church ELCA, ALBUQUERQUE, NM

Rev. Anita Amstutz, Mennonite, Albuquerque, NM

Sr. Joan Brown, New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light, Albuquerque, NM

Mr. Elmer Jackson, St. Andrew Albuquerque NM, Albuquerque, NM

Ms. Randy Diner, UUSC, Albuquerque, NM

Sister Maria Isabel Galbe, Religious of the Assumption, Chaparral, NM

Rev. Carolyn Wilkins, Inspirational Ministries, Las Cruces, NM

Ms. Kassandra Perez, NM CAFe, Las Cruces, NM

Other Viviana Arciniega, NM CAFe, Las Cruces, NM

Ms. Jan Thompson, Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces, Las Cruces, NM

Chaplain Kathi Foy, American Ethical Union, Los Lunas, NM

Ellen Santistevan, Los Lunas, NM

Candace Wolfe, Henderson, NV

Isaura Gonzalez, Miembro de fe en acción nevada, Las Vegas, NV

Ross Chamberlain, Las Vegas, NV

Member Raymond de Leon, Faith in Action, Reno, NV

Ms. Francesca Rodriguez-Hart, Faith in Action, Reno, NV

Leader Silvia Ayala, Faith in Action Nevada, Reno, NV

Quality Control Coordinator Liridian Gamboa, Faith In Action Nevada, Reno, NV

Ma Guadalupe Armenta, Faith in Action Nevada, Reno, NV

Jose Jimenez, Faith in Action Nevada, Reno, NV

Araceli Mendoza, Faith in Action NV, Reno, NV

Mrs.  Jasmine Cruz, Fe en Acción, Reno, NV

Ben Iness, FIANV, Reno, NV

Cecilia Medina, Little Flower Catholic Church, Reno, NV

Alejandro Castellanos, Plan, Reno, NV

Rabbi Benjamin Zober, Temple Sinai, Reno, NV

Ms. Jane Grossman, Temple Sinai, Reno, NV, Reno, NV

Linda Brown, Reno, NV

Patricia Dellera, Reno, NV

Miss Cindy Solis, Faith In Action Nevada, Sparks, NV

Northern Nevada Director Victoria Rios, Faith in Action Nevada, Sparks, NV

Miguel Ochoa, Faith in Action Nevada, Sparks, NV

Lider Oscar Macias,, Sparks, NV

Mr. Mark Zlotkowski, Retired, Sparks, NV

Leader Ashlee Romano, Faith in action Nevada, sun valley, NV

Leader Maria Mederos, Faith in action nevada, Sun Valley, NV

Mrs. Diana Praus, Mrs. , Albany, NY

Sister Grace R Diaz, Sister of the Holy Names of Jesus & Mary, Albany, NY

Sr. Judith Garson, Society of the Sacred Heart, Albany, NY

Judith Garson, Albany, NY

Sister Faith Colligan, Daughters of Charity-St. Louise Province, Albany,, NY

Coleen Gowans, Astoria, NY

Rev. Dr. George Huffsmith, Sennett Federated Church, Auburn, NY

Ms. Vicki Fox, Beacon Hebrew Alliance, Beacon, NY

Professor Patricia Sullivan, Beacon, NY

Nick Byrne, Bedford, NY

Jennifer Alberghini, Bellerose, NY

Sister Joan Agro, Sisters of St. Dominic of Blauvelt, New York, Blauvelt, NY

Sister Janet Kinney, Long Island Immigration Clinic, Brentwood, NY

Sr. Deborah Steedle, Sisters Of St Joseph, Brentwood, NY

Sister Eileen McCann, CSJ, Sisters of St. Joseph, Justice Committee, Brentwood, NY

Reverend James Sheehan, Archdiocese of New York, BRONX, NY

Cathy Rowan, Catholic, Bronx, NY

Fr. Eric Cruz, Catholic Charities, Bronx, NY

Ms. Jeanine Rosado, Faith in New York, Bronx, NY

Iya Antoinette Emers, Ile Obaforable, Bronx, NY

Bishop Dr. Raymond Rivera, Latino Pastoral Action Center, Bronx, NY

Ms. Rosa E. Mercado, Latino Pastoral Action Center, Bronx, NY

Faith Leader Kathleen Marie Aucoin, SC, Seton Arts Studio, BRONX, NY

Sister Mary Kay Finneran, Sister of Charity of New. York, Bronx, NY

Suzanne Wallin, Sister of Charity of NY, Bronx, NY

Sister Florence Mallon Mallon, Sisters of Charity, Bronx, NY

Ms. Suzanne Wallin, sisters of charity of N.Y., Bronx, NY

Sister Carol De Angelo, Sisters of Charity of New York, Bronx, NY

Ms. Marianne Kraft, St Athanasius School, Bronx, NY

Sr. Lorraine Cooper, BRONX, NY

Lisa Britt, Bronx, NY

Cathy Rowan, Bronx, NY

Ms. Mary Doyle, CSJ, Brooklyn, NY

Mary Doyle, CSJ, Brooklyn, NY

Mr. David Bragin, Jewish Voice for Pesce, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Barat Ellman, Brooklyn, NY

Mr. Angelo New York, Brooklyn, NY

Sister Celia Deutsch, OLR, Brooklyn, NY

Mr. Francois Pierre-Louis, OPODNE–Faith in Action International, Brooklyn, NY

Mr. Carlos Martinez, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Susan Falk, Reconstructing Judaism, Brooklyn, NY

Sister Celia Deutsch, Roman Catholic, Brooklyn, NY

Hope Carr, UCC, Brooklyn, NY

Kahlil Goodwyn, Brooklyn, NY

Marian Ronan, Brooklyn, NY

Andrea Zinn, Brooklyn, NY

Suresh Dianand, Brooklyn, NY

joyce shiffrin, Brooklyn, NY

Rev. Daniel Schifeling, Church of the Nativity United Church of Christ, Buffalo, NY

Rev. Nancy Rosas, Pilgrim St. Luke’s UCC, Buffalo, NY

Rev. Ekena Delgado, Presbytery of WNY, Buffalo, NY, Buffalo, NY

Mr. Glenn Hufnagel, Roman Catholic, Buffalo, NY

The Rev. Matthew Lincoln, Trinity Episcopal Church, Buffalo, NY

Rev. Bruce McKay, UCC, Buffalo, NY

Rev. Joan Montagnes, Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo, NY, Buffalo, NY

Ms. Sophia Roberts, UUCB, Buffalo, NY

Louise McGrath, Buffalo, NY

Sister Alice Mc Vey, Sisters of St Joseph, Central Islip, NY

Santa Orlando, Inclusive Catholic, Clifton Park, NY

Rabbi Lina Zerbarini, KehillathShalomSynagogue, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Ms. a.l. steiner, JVP, Cornwallville, NY

Mr. Luis M Jimenez, St Leo Church, Corona, NY

Wendy Fast, Dansville, NY

Minister Andrea Taylor, Antioch Baptist Church of Corona, East Elmhurst, NY

Rev. Lori Vail, Mary Magdalene Church, East Rochester, NY

Mrs. Maria Alvarez, AAfe, Elmhurst, NY

Patricia Raube, Endicott, NY

Ms. Barbara Green, Church of the Assumption, Fairport, NY, Fairport, NY

Mrs.  Roberta Buckle, First Unitarian church Rochester NY, Fairport, NY

Bishop Denise Donato, Mary Magdalene Church, Fairport, NY

Ms. Deirdre McKiernan Hetzler, Sisters of Mercy Associate, Fairport, NY

Sivacharya Ravi Vaidyanaat, The Hindu Temple Society of North America, Flushing, NY

Joyce de Velder, Gansevoort, NY

Rev. Vivian Waltz, Hamburg United Methodist Church, Hamburg, NY

John Prekurat, Huntington, NY

Cantor Abbe Lyons, Gilat Rina, Ithaca, NY

Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg, Malkhut, Jackson Heights, NY

Rev. Dr. Kevin D. Miller, Carter Community AME Church, Jamaica, NY

Bishop Bishop James I. Clark, Jr., Christ Temple of the Apostolic Faith, Inc., Jamaica, NY

Ryan Persad, Jamaica, NY

Rev. Hope Harle-Mould, United Church of Christ, Kenmore, NY

Sister Eleanor Joyce, Presentation Sisters, Kingston, NY

President and co-founder Holly Rosen Fink, Westchester Jewish Coalition for Immigration, Larchmont, NY

Sister Chris Partisano, Latham, NY

Susan Castelli-Hill, Melville, NY

Dr. Rosemarie Pace, Middle Village, NY

Mr.& Mrs.  Karl j. Sallyann Stork, St Theresa de Lisieux Church, Montauk, NY

Michael Madden, New city, NY

Sister Ceil Lavan, Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt, New Rochelle, NY

Rev. Bruce Tischler, NEW ROCHELLE, NY

Susanna Levin, New Rochelle, NY

Susanna Levin, New Rochelle, NY

Annie phillips, christian, new york, NY

Ms. Brooke Pierce, Church of the Advent Hope, New York, NY

Sister Eileen9 Good, Congregation of Notre Dame, New York, NY

Sister Barbara Bozak, Congregations of St. joseph, New York, NY

Susan Barnett, Faiths for Safe Water, New York, NY

Rabbi Guy Austrian, Fort Tryon Jewish Center, New York, NY

Ms. Carol McLoughlin, Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York, New York, NY

Ms. Alix Keast, Independent spiritual faith, New York, NY

Brandon Roiger, Interfaith Chaplain Resident, New York, NY

Rev. Paul Fleck, New York Justice for Our Neighbors, Inc., New York, NY

Dr. Nori Rost, NY Society for Ethical Culture, New York, NY

Reverend Luis-Alfredo Cartagena Zayas, Park Avenue Christian Church (DoC)/UCC, New York, NY

Emma Gritsch, Presbyterian Church (USA), New York, NY

Sister Kathleen Kanet, religious of the sacred Heart of Mary, New York, NY

Patricia Quinn, Sisters of Charity, New York, NY

Ms. Teresa Kotturan, Sisters of Charity Federation, New York, NY

Sister Evyleen Larkin, Sisters of Charity of New York, New York, NY

Dörte Mohme, Union Theological Seminary, New York, NY

Shaun McCaulla, Union Theological Seminary, New York, NY

Ellie Hutchison Cervantes, Union Theological Seminary, New York, NY

Marisa Hulstine, Union Theological Seminary Student, New York, NY

The Rev. Susan Anderson-Smith, New York, NY

Elizabeth Martucci, New York, NY

Chris Washington, New York, NY

Elizabeth Maxwell, New York, NY

Phillip Hope, New York, NY

Teresa Kotturan, New York, NY

Sarah Mullins, New York, NY

Rutherford Charlot, New York, NY

Brian Fink, New York, NY

Terrence Thompson, New York, NY

Sister Noreen Sugrue, Sisters of Charity of NewYork, NewYork, NY

Br. Michael Potvin-Frost, Order of Franciscan Hermits, Nowood, NY

Sister Nancy McDermott CND, Congregation of Notre Dame, NY, NY

Kari Reynolds, Unitarian Universalist Society of Oneonta NY, Oneonta, NY

Sr. Mary O’Brien, Owego, NY

Len and Judy Bjorkman, Owego, NY

Dr Barry Nobel, UU, Oyster Bay, NY

Jill Nicholas, Penfield, NY

Andrew and Kathleen Wittenborn, Pleasantville, NY

Hal Pillinger, port chester, NY

Carol Nesbit, Port Washington, NY

Pastor Brian Ellis-Gibbs, Queens Baptist Church, Queens Village, NY

Sister Mary Kerins, Roman Catholic, Rego Park, NY

Kimberly Wiley, AMEZ, Rochester, NY

Communications Director Mary Smith, Church Women United in New York State, Rochester, NY

Rev. Michelle Redonnet, Oscar Romero Church, Rochester, NY

Dr deni mack, RocACTS Religious Leader’s Caucus, Rochester, NY

Rev. Robert Werth, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, Rochester, NY

Sr. Anne Urquhart, St. Francis Xavier Cabrini Parish, Rochester, NY

Rabbi Drorah Setel, Temple Emanu-El, Rochester, NY

Mr. Robert L. Remley, Unitarian Universalist Assoc., Rochester, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Devaney, Sisters of Charity Associates, Rockville Centre, NY

Mr. Jerry Rivers, North American Climate, Conservation an Environment(NACCE)/ Roosevelt-Freeport Church of Christ/ Christianity, Roosevelt, NY

Elder Celeste James, Global Outreach Evangelistic Team, Saint Albans, NY

Dr. Terence Diggory, Presbyterian–New England Congregational Church, Saratoga Springs, NY

Elizabeth Myers, Scottsville, NY

Rev. Monica Styron, Presbyterian ChurchUSA, Skaneateles, NY

Eileen Gannon, Sparkill, NY

Sister Jean Flannelly, Sisters of Charity, Staatsburg, NY

Mr. Agim Demirovski, Islam, Staten Island, NY

Lee Margulies, Stony Brook, NY

Rev. Sarah McTyre, Park Central Presbyterian Church, Syracuse, NY

Rev. Beth DuBois, South Valley Presbyterian Church, Syracuse, NY

Reverend Jikyo Bonnie Shoultz, Zen Center of Syracuse, Syracuse, NY

Sister Edith Hart, Religious Sacred Heart Mary, Tarrytown, NY

Marge Maloney, Tonawanda, NY

Erika Groff, Spindle City Vineyard Church, Troy, NY

Ms. S. Paula Gallant, Roman Catholic, Utica, NY

Mary Thorpe, Van Etten, NY

Mr. William Hurley, Associate, Sisters of Charity of NY, WASHINGTONVILLE, NY

S.M. Jean Agnes Geraghty, O.P., Sisters of St. Dominic, West Islip, NY

Mr. Michael Anthony, Neighbors In Support of zimmogrants, Westhampton, NY

Alexandra Tumarkin, White Plains, NY

Ms. Carol McLoughlin, Fourth Universalist Society in the City of NY, Whitestone, NY

Victoria Pawlick, Williamson, NY

Sister Patricia Ferrick, SSND, Woodhaven, NY

Ms. christine gallagher, associate member Sisters of Charity of NY, yonkers, NY

Sister Judith Kubicki, Felician Sisters, Yonkers, NY

Mrs.  Paula Reeder, DOC, Akron, OH

Sister Joanne Lamert, Dominican Sisters of Peace, Akron, OH

Elliot Comunale, Akron, OH

David Eckman, Akron, OH

Jeanne Haseley, Athens, OH

Fr. Daniel Fickes, Roman Catholic, AVON LAKE, OH

Nancy Sayeedi, Beavercreek, OH

Mr. Steve Simmons, UCC, Beavercreek Township, OH

Steve Simmons, Beavercreek Township, OH

Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp, Amos Project/OOC, Blue Ash, OH

Rev. Doug Luginbill, First Mennonite Church, Bluffton, OH, Bluffton, OH

Lynda Smith, Caledonia, OH

Phyllis Park, Chillicothe, OH

The Rev. Paula M. Jackson, Church of Our Saviour/La Iglesia de Nuestro Salvador, Cincinnati, OH

Mr. Jason Hoobler, Cincinnati, OH

Sister Ann VonderMeulen, Oldenburg, IN Franciscan, Cincinnati, OH

Sister Sally Duffy, SC, Sister of Charity, Cincinnati, OH

Ms. Jessica Mount, Undivided Justice Team, Cincinnati, OH

Sister Gayle Crumbley, Cincinnati, OH

Sister Kathleen Hebbeler, Cincinnati, OH

Marcus Mescher, Cincinnati, OH

Sue Keefe, Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Cincinnsti, OH

Mr. Brian Gibbons, Catholic, Cleveland, OH

Pastor Andrew Clark, Trinity Outreach Ministries, Cleveland, OH

Sheilamarie Tobbe, Cleveland, OH

Lynn Pooley, Cleveland, OH

Pastor William White, Bethany Christian Church, Columbus, OH

Sister Roberta Miller, Dominican sisters of peace, Columbus, OH

Pastor Eric Brown, Columbus, OH

Rev. Emily Corzine, Columbus, OH

Rev. Rebecca Tollefson, Columbus, OH

Kathryn Kram, Columbus, OH

Laura Smith, Columbus, OH

Kathryn Kram, Columbus, OH

Tim Ahrens, Columbus, OH

Bob Krasen, Columbus, OH

Mary Smith, Columbus, OH

Rev. Dr. Amelia Boomershine, Grace United Methodist Church, Dayton, OH

Mr. Steven Steel, Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Dayton, OH

Ms. Maureen OMeara, Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Dayton, OH

Kathleen Pennington, Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Dayton, OH

Sister Genevieve Volk, Religious Community, Dayton, OH

Barbara Strader, Dayton, OH

Colette Harrison, Dayton, OH

Rev. Kellie Kelly, Dayton, OH

Maureen OMeara, Dayton, OH

Karen Linn, Delaware, OH

William Stern, Euclid, OH

Joanne Barger, Germantown, OH

Don Pew, Girard, OH

Susan McGarvey, Grove City, OH

Rev. Kate Shaner, Hilliard, OH

Gwen Reiser, Hilliard, OH

Reverend Amanda Moore, First Christian Church, Kent, OH

Jon Gromek, Lakewood, OH

Marian Durkin, Lakewood, OH

Nathan Hetrick, Lakewood, OH

Robert Ault, Lyndhurst, OH

Dan Clark, Newark, OH

Justin Philipps, Newark, OH

Blyth Barnow, Newark, OH

Rev. Lynn Bozich Shetzer, North Canton, OH

Andrew Kistler, North Olmsted, OH

David Fleming, North Olmsted, OH

Ms. Maureen Gwynn, Congregation of Saint Joseph, Oberlin, OH

Reverend REV. HAROLDO NUNES, Mennonite, Orrville, OH


Pam Richmann, Painesville, OH

Mrs.  Ann Clark, Catholic, Parma, OH

Diana Finnegan, Paulding, OH

Sister Sheilamarie Tobbe, Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland, Pepper Pike, Ohio, OH

Robert Nosanchuk, Shaker Heights, OH

Cynthia Lehman, South Euclid, OH

Cindy Cary, Cindy Cary, Springboro, OH

Patricia Dion, Strongsville, OH

Diana Vitus, Tallmadge, OH

Mister George Marsh, Catholic, Tiffin, OH

Rev. John Laudick, Catholic Church, Toledo, OH

Mrs.  Jeannie Finlay-Kochanowski, Toledo, OH

Fr. Tony Gallagher, R. Catholic, Toledo, OH

Jeannie Finlay-Kochanowski, Toledo, OH

Lauren Goetz, Toledo, OH

Barbara Newman, Toledo, OH

Thomas Devers, Union, OH

Victoria Slabinski, Uniontown, OH

Rev. David Sickles, OAA, Willoughby, OH

Pastor Ross Johnson, Bethel Church Of God In Christ, Youngstown, OH

John Keenan, retired, YOUNGSTOWN, OH

Cheryl Lindsay, , OH

Karen Bunch, Broken Arrow, OK

Dr. Frank Manning, St. Eugene’s Catholic Church, Edmond, OK

Ms. Enid Branscum, Retired, Norman, OK

Ms. Lana Henson, First Unitarian Church, Oklahoma City, OK

Martha Mattes, Tulsa, OK

Amy Roberts, Albany, OR

Dean Sigler, Aloha, OR

Elizabeth Scheppler, Ashland, OR

Reverend Kit Ketcham, Pacific Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Astoria, OR

Mr. Tommy Lewis, Moreland Presbyterian, Beaverton, OR

Ms. Roberta K Smith, Unitarian Universalist, Corvallis, OR

Milton Plocher, Corvallis, OR

Dona Ward, Eugene, OR

Mrs. Lois White, Grants Pass, OR

robert clark, grants pass, OR

Jess DePew, Lebanon, OR

Sharon Hunt, McMinnville, OR

Sister Sr. Dorothy Jean Beyer, Benedictine Sisters, Mount Angel, OR

Sister Sister Dorothy Jean Beyer, Mount Angel, OR

Deacon Cindra Gray, Episcopal Church, Newberg, OR

The Rev. Jill McAllister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Of Corvallis, Philomath, OR

Ms. Kaye Exo, Bridgeport UCC, Portland, OR

Chair: Immigrant Justice committee, Central Lutheran Church virginia feldman, Central Lutheran Church, portland, OR

Church youth leader Debi Stromberg, Creator Lutheran/ SE Portland Youth Collective, Portland, OR

Mr. Randy Davis, Davis, Portland, OR

Christine Lentz, Episcopal, Portland, OR

Rev. Katherine Jesch, First Unitarian Church of Portland, Portland, OR

Rev. Elizabeth Durant, Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Portland, OR

Dr. Rod Moore, Mary Moore Institute for Diversity and Social Justice, Portland, OR

PAUL RIEK, Member of St Andrew Catholic Church, Portland, OR

Marjorie Nafziger, Mennonite, Portland, OR

Ms. janna piper, phoenix ventures, Portland, OR

Ms. Ruth Julkowski, St Charles, Portland, OR

Rev. Daniel Sullivan, St Francis Xavier Parish, Portland, OR

Dr. Beverly Hoeffer, St, Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, Portland, OR

Mrs.  Christine Kondrat, St.Pius X, Portland, Or

Peter Sergienko, Portland, OR

BC Shelby, Portland, OR

David Nichols, Portland, OR

Marjorie Nafziger, Portland, OR

Marty Jones, Portland, OR

Dianna Shaffer, Portland, OR

Stewart Cooper, Portland, OR

Christine Kondrat, Portland, OR

Maureen O’Neal, PORTLAND, OR

Catherine Elia, Portland, OR

Anne Graas, Portland, OR

janna piper, Portland, OR

H.M. MM, Salem, OR

Diana Saxon, Salem, OR

Ardis Letey, Seal Rock, OR

Ms. Elizabeth Ilem, St Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, Troutdale, OR

Reverend Violet Young, Chuckling Cherubs Spiritual Ministry, Yachats, OR

Dana Bleckinger, Yachats, OR

Sister Dominica Lo Bianco, Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, Aston, PA

Mr. John Paul Marosy, Resurrected Life Community Church, Bethlehem, PA

Rev. Kathleen Gibbons Schuck, Community of St Mary Magdalene, Blue Bell, PA

Rev. Dr Marvin Marsh, American Baptist Churches USA, Bridgeport, PA

Rev. Ruth Sheets, UCC, Brookhaven, PA

Ruth Sheets, Brookhaven, PA

Ms. Hollis Chenery, Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary, Bryn Mawr, PA

Hollis Chenery, Bryn Mawr, PA

Lauren Murphy, Chadds Ford, PA

Sister Dani Brought, Adorers of the Blood of Christ, Columbia, PA

Rev. Greg Impink, Ironville UMC, Columbia, PA

Sister Clare. Farabaugh, Dallas, PA

Member Pat Lupo, OSB, Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Erie, PA

Sr. Betty McVeigh, Srs. of St. Joseph of Philadelphia, Flourtown, PA

Rev. Sandra Mackie, ELCA, Gettysburg, PA

Mrs. Barbara Sheads-Smith, St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, Gettysburg, PA

William Gordon, Glenolden, PA

Jean Wiant, Glenolden, PA

Rev. Sandra Strauss, Pennsylvania Council of Churches, Harrisburg, PA

Mariln Loos, Haverford, PA

Robert Gibb, Homestead, PA

Sister Mary Hamilton, Society of the Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ), Lafayette Hill, PA

Eugene Torisky, Latrobe, PA

Kay Reinfried, Lititz, PA

Marge Vance, Catholic, Merion Station, PA

Mrs. Ann Ferry, Messiah Lutheran Church, New Centerville, PA

Rev. Thomas Lang, Lutheran, PENNSBURG, PA

Rev. Paul Hagedorn, Phila., PA

Rabbi Phyllis Berman, ALEPH Ordination Program Spiritual Direction Faculty, Philadelphia, PA

Rev. Kipp Gilmore-Clough, Chestnut Hill United Church, Philadelphia, PA

Rev. Paul Hagedorn, ELCA, Philadelphia, PA

Rev. Paul Hagedorn, ELCA, Philadelphia, PA

Rev. Michael Giansiracusa, Episcopal Clergy, Philadelphia, PA

Ms. Mary MCKenna, Holy Cross Parish, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

General Council member Rosemary Ryan, Medical Mission Sisters, Philadelphia, PA

Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Mishkan Shalom, Philadelphia, PA

Mr. Trump Won, Patriots, Philadelphia, PA

Ms. Jane Kamp, Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, Philadelphia, PA

Clergy Leader Hugh Taft-Morales, Philadelphia Ethical Society, Philadelphia, PA

Rev. David Wesley Brown, Philadelphia Live Free, Philadelphia, PA

Bishop Dwayne Royster, POWER Interfaith, Philadelphia, PA

Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, POWER Interfaith, Philadelphia, PA

Sister Colleen Dauerbach, Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Sister Mary Kennedy, Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

  1. Jean Laurich, SSJ, Philadelphia, PA

Rev. Carol Duncan, St. Martin’s Episcopal, Philadelphia, PA

The Rev. Lucy Ann Dure, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Wayne, Pa, Philadelphia, PA

Pastor Lorie Hershey, West Philadelphia Mennonite Fellowship, Philadelphia, PA

Sister Mary McMahon, Philadelphia, PA

Beverly Dale, Philadelphia, PA

Susan Babbitt, Philadelphia, PA

Mary McKenna, Philadelphia, PA

Mr. Eugene Mariani, Beth Shalom, Pittsburgh, PA

Patricia Mensing, Plymouth Meeting, PA

Susie Folks, Pottstown, PA

Mrs.  Susan Barclay, Lazarus Gate Food Pantry, Rockwood, PA

Rev. Susan Winger, Lutheran, Rockwood, PA

James Covert, ELCA, Schuylkill Haven, PA

Campus Minister Sr. John Michele Southwick, Marywood Campus Ministry, Scranton, PA

Sister Ann Marie McDonnell, Sisters of IHM, Scranton, PA

Sister Ancilla Maloney, Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, PA

Ann marie McDonnell, Scranton, PA

Mrs. Lori Kershner, St. Paul’s UCC, Selinsgrove, PA

Roger Hollander, Sewickley, PA

Laura Chinofsky, SOUTHAMPTON, PA

Dr. Jeff McLaughlin, PCUSA, Spring City, PA

Sister Joyce Bell, I H M Social Justice Coor, Springfield, PA

Mrs. Michelle Dugan, Society of the Holy Child Jesus, Upper Darby, PA

Fr. John Deegan, Augustinians, Villanova, PA

Jack Stagliano, Villanova, PA

Rev. Edward J Hallinan, Saint John Chrysostom Church, Wallingford, PA

Ms. Susan Brodesser, Birmingham Friends Meeting, West Chester, PA

Ethan Prater, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Rabbi Anna Boswell-Levy, Kol Emet, Yardley, PA

Thomas Campanini, York, PA

Thomas Campanini, York, PA

Ms. Sheila Ward, Roman Catholic, San Juan, PR

Angela Howard-McParland, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Justice Team, Cranston, RI

Jovelino and Joan Ramos, Cranston, RI

Anne Orticerio, Pascoag, RI

Sister Mary Pendergast, Sisters of Mercy, Pawtucket, RI

Mary Mcelroy, Riverside, RI

James Poisson, Wakefield, RI

Peggy Thompson, Columbia, SC

Father Labrecque, Little River, SC

Ms. Kathy Bradley, person of faith, Lugoff, SC

Kathy Bradley, Lugoff, SC

Director April Ross, Presentation Sisters – Caminando Juntos, Sioux Falls, SD

Rick Waldrop, Cleveland, TN

Jonathan Holland, Crossville, TN

John Chase, Memphis, TN

Robert Fingerman, Monteagle, TN

Ms. Sue Johnson, Member of UMC, Nashville, TN

The Rev. Francisico Garcia, St. Augustine’s Episcopal Chapel, Nashville, TN

Rev. Dr. Thomas Kleinert, Vine Street Christian Church, Nashville, TN

Rebecca Adams, United Methodist, Adkins, TX

Mr. Thomas Nieland, UUFHCT, Alamo, TX

Thomas Nieland, Alamo, TX

The Rev. Michael Wallens, StPaulsEpiscopalChurch, Alpine, TX

Dana Lobaugh, First Christian Church, Arlington, TX

Mr. Thinh Ngo, Arlington, TX

Rev. Elizabeth Wright, Austin Region Justice for Our Neighbors, Austin, TX

Ms. Carolyn Riddle Riddle, Roman Catholic, Austin, TX

Rev. Megan Peglar, University Christian Church, Austin, Austin, TX

Ms. Kathryn Burns, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX

Sister Margery Race, Austin, TX

Mary Tomsu, Austin, TX

Marc Lionetti, Austin, TX

Greg Sells, Austin, TX

Kathryn Burns, Austin, TX

Mr. Joshua Seff, Bellmead, TX

Reverend Michael Dunson, Belton, TX

Ed Triem, Brenham, TX

Karen Morrow, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Clifton, TX

Rev. jean cameron, College Station, TX

Dr. James Klein, Corpus Christi, TX

Mr. Greg Kay, Christian, Cypress, TX

Greg Kay, Cypress, TX

Ms. Akilah S. Wallace, Concord Church, Dallas, TX

Rev. Ray Jordan, Faith in Texas, Dallas, TX

Mr. Armel Crocker Crocker, First Presbytrian Dallas, Dallas, TX

Rev. Holly Bandel, First United Methodist Church, Dallas, Dallas, TX

Ms. Kimberly Allen, kimberly allen interiors, Dallas, TX

Rev. Laurie Anderson, Midway Hills Christian Church, Dallas, TX

Rev. Debra Loudin-McCann, NTNL Synod of the ELCA, Dallas, TX

Rev. Rachel Baughman, Oak Lawn UMC, Dallas, TX

Rev. Amy Moore, PCUSA, Dallas, TX

Pastor Preston Weaver, St. Paul United Methodist Church, Dallas, TX

Ms. Linda Abramson Evans, Volunteer Guide to Refugee Service Agencies in Dallas/Ft Worth, Dallas, TX

Rev. Phillip Dieke, White Rock UMC, Dallas, TX

Rabbi Nancy Kasten, Dallas, TX

Susan Baxley, Dallas, TX

Andrew McGregor, Dallas, TX

Mr. Cheryl Ee, Denton, TX

Sister Mary Kay Mahowald, Franciscan Sisters, El Paso, TX

Ms. Marisa Limón Garza, Hope Border Institute, El Paso, TX

Executive Director Kristen Bowdre, Justice for Our Neighbors El Paso, El Paso, TX

Ms. Betty Keegan, Participate in Diocesan Restorative Justice events when able.  Always with prayer…, El Paso, TX

Priscilla Tate, Fort Worth, TX

Mr. John Trainor, Member, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Georgetown, TX

  1. Joan Cordes, Cojourner/, Houston, TX

Mr. James Skopal, Dominican Family, Houston, TX

Mrs. Becky James, Houston, TX

Mrs.  Marguerite Scott, St Philip Presbyterian Church of Houston, Houston, TX

Andy Watts, Houston, TX

Dr. Carrie Watson, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Huntsville, TX

Dallas Windham, Irving, TX

Mr. Bruce Ross, Unity of Houston/CSL-Clear Lake, Katy, TX

Hyunja Norman, Katy, TX

Pamela Evans, Kemp, TX

Rev. David Judd, Presbyterian Church, Longview, TX

Dr. Rodger Scott, Arnett-Benson Baptist Church, Lubbock, TX

M W, Lubbock, TX

Vicar Michael Wallens, Rio Grande Borderland Ministries, Marfa, TX

Dr. Rev. Clay Brantley, Retreat House Spirituality Center, McKinney, TX

Carolyn Engel, Mesquite, TX

Senior National Organizer Martha Ojeda, Interfaith Workers Justice, Missouri City, TX

Ms. Jane Van Praag, self, on family farm south of Bartlett, 76511, TX

Dr. Owen Ross, United Methodist Church, Plano, TX

Ms. Joanne Groshardt, Catholic, Richardson, TX

Mrs. Judy McCullough, Dominican Family of Houston, Richmond, TX

Minister of Family Programming and Outrrach Sara Hilgenberg, First Christian Church (DOC),, San Angelo, TX

Mr. Robert Ferre, Citizen, San Antonio, TX

Dr. John Paige, Congregation of Holy Cross, San Antonio, TX

Sister Jo Murray, Holy Spirit Sisters and Mary Immaculate, San Antonio, TX

Ms. Debra Montez Felder, Retired Attorney; Methodist faith, San Antonio, TX

Ms. Bett Butler, Secular Buddhist, San Antonio, TX

Sister Michele O’Brien O’Brien, Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX

Sister Margaret Rita Nealon, Sisters of the Holy Spirit, San Antonio, TX

Sr. Genevieve Cunningham, Srs. of the Holy Spirit, San Antonio, TX

Rev. Dr. Edward Kern, Trinity Lutheran Church (ELCA), San Antonio, TX

Mary Lance, San Antonio, TX

Sandra Woodall, San Antonio, TX

The Rev. Dr Edward Kern, San Antonio, TX

William Jordan, San Antonio, TX

Sister Dympna Clarke, Sisters of the Holy Spirit & Mary Immaculate, San Benito, TX

Mr. and Mrs.  Thomas Nieland, UUFHC, San Juan, TX

Carol Grimm, San Marcos, TX

Mr. Robert Bohmfalk, First United Methodist Church, Seguin, TX

Robert Bohmfalk, Seguin, TX

Kelly Epstein, Spring, TX

Linda Reid, Texas City, TX

Marilyn Mick, Universal City, TX

Rev. Ruth Winkler, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Watauga, TX

Emily Orner, Deacon Candidate, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Wimberley, TX

MaureenAisling Duffy-Boose, Murray, UT

Ms. Joan Gregory, First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, UT

Cheryl Fergeson, West Haven, UT

Miss Sierra Snyder, Faith in Action, Alexandria, VA

Ms. Marcia Lehmann, NOVA CAN, Alexandria, VA

Ms. DeeDee Tostanoski, Our Lady Queen of Peace – Arlington, A, Alexandria, VA

The Rev. Deacon Theresa Lewallen, Alexandria, VA

Joe Riffe, Alexandria, VA

Martha Kossoff, Alexandria, VA

Michael Pan, Alexandria, VA

Rev. Alexis Kassim, Little River UCC, Annandale, VA

Rev. Dr. Leah Davis, Ravensworth Baptist Church, Annandale, VA

Ms. Charity Moschopoulos, St Barbara, Annandale, VA

Dr Sabrina Dent, Arlington, VA

Ms. Alexandra Ritchie, Arlington Democrats Interfaith Caucus, Arlington, VA

Ms. Fatima Argun, Chair, Arlington Democrats Interfaith Outreach & Advocacy, Arlington, VA

Mr. Jason Miller, Franciscan Action Network, Arlington, VA

Ms. DeeDee Tostanoski, Our Lady Queen of Peace, Arlington, VA

Rev. Catherine Campbell, San Jose/ Cristo Rey Episcopal Churches, Arlington, VA

Jason Miller, Arlington, VA

Sra Carmen A Diaz, Faith in Action, Ashburn, VA

Mr. Asif Khan, Ashburn, VA

Karen Fedorov, Bealeton, VA

Eugene Fisher, Berryville, VA

Mr. Steven Kranowski, Blacksburg Jewish Community Center, Blacksburg, VA

Diana Franco, BROADLANDS, VA

John Hodges, Callao, VA

Ron Edwards, Center Cross, VA

Rev. Dr. Jerrold Foltz, Wellspring United Church of Christ, Centreville, VA

Dorothy Johnson, Centreville, VA

Rev. Morris Fleischer, Newport-Mt. Olivet UMC, Christiansburg, VA

Mr. Don Johnson, Ethical Culture, Critz, VA

Mr. John White, Welcome the Stranger/Saint John Neumann Catholic Church, Fairfax, VA

Mrs.  Marinetta Cannito Hjort, Rock Spring UCC, Arlington, VA, Falls Church, VA

Ms. Jerilyn Levi, Temple Rodef Shalom, Falls Church, VA

Steven Vogel, Falls Church, VA

Dr. Sue Smith, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Fredericksburg, VA

Mr. Richard MacIntyre, Peace Corps Community for Refugees, Gainesville, VA

Rev, Jennifer Davis Sensenig, Community Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg, VA

Ms. Emily North, Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, VA

Nora Pfeiffer, Catholic, Henrico, VA

Phil Stump, Oakhurst Presbyterian Church, Decatur, GA, Lynchburg, VA

Robert Poignant, Lynchburg, VA

Señora Alejandra Ponciano, Dream Mothers in Action, Manassas, VA

Mrs. Nancy Bleeker, Temple Rodef Shalom, Mc Lean, VA

  1. Kasey, Mechancisville, VA

Stanley Naimon, Midlothian, VA

Vernon Lsavage, Norfolk, VA

Mrs.  Christine Hyland, St John Neumann, Oakton, VA

Revs Drs Gerritt and Elizabeth Baker-Smith, PC(USA), Portsmouth, VA

Mrs. Judith Christofferson, NOVA Catholic Community, Reston, VA

Ms. Emma Grayeb, Our Lady Queen of Peace, Arlington, Reston, VA

Rev. Donald Heet, Saint John Neumann Catholic Church, Reston, VA

Mrs. Carol Hurlburt, St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Reston, Reston, VA

Mr. Terrance Grogan, Unitarian Universalist, Reston, VA

Mrs. Menda Ahart, United Christian Parish, Reston, VA, Reston, VA

Rev. Dr. Debra Haffner, UU, Reston, VA

Dr. Mary Jo Smrekar, UUCF, Reston, VA

Rev. Rosemary Welch, Virginia Conference United Methodist Church, Reston, VA

miss kristin gallanosa, Richmond, VA

Melinda Lewis, Richmond, VA

Mr. Daniel Ibarra, Roanoke, VA

Michael Johnson, Ruther Glen, VA

Ms. Karen Barr, Springfield Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), SPRINGFIELD, VA

Lou Boden, Staunton, VA

Dr. John Whitley, Williamsburg, VA

Mrs. Melissa Battah, Vermont Interfaith Action, Barre Town, VT

Mr. Marshall Hudson-Knapp, Second Congregational Church, Bennington, VT

The Rev. Dr Scott Couper, Centre Congregational Church, UCC, Brattleboro, VT

Rev. Susie Webster-Toleno, Congregational Church (UCC) of Westminster West, Brattleboro, VT

Rev. Jean Smith, St. Michael, Brattleboro, VT

Mr. Daniel Dobson, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Brattleboro, VT

The Venerable Catherine Cooke, Cathedral Church of St. Paul- Episcopal, Burlington, VT

Sr. Ann Duhaime, Sisters of Mercy, Burlington, VT

Sister Patricia McKittrick, Sisters of Providence, Burlington, VT

Rev. Elissa Johnk, UCC, Burlington, VT

Ms. Nancy Slott, Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington, Burlington, VT

Ms. Laura Labrie, College Street Congregational Church UCC, Colchester, VT

Brother Thomas Berube, Society of St. Edmund, Colchester, VT

Ms. Marsha Bancroft, Unitarian Church of  Montpelier, East Barre, VT

Dr. Raymond Chin, DCPA, East Thetford, VT

Rev. Charles Ranges, Essex Catholic Community, Essex, VT

Reverend Josh Simon, First Congregational of Essex Junction, Essex Junction, VT

Reverend Kerry Cameron, United Methodist Church, Grand Isle, VT

Rev. Elisa Lucozzi, Guilford Community Church, Guilford, VT

Ms. Connie J. King, Jamaica VT UCC, Jamaica, VT

Rev. Sally May, Malletts Bay UCC, Jeffersonville, VT

Dr. F. James Levinson, Brattleboro Area Jewish Congregation, Marlboro, VT

Rev. Amelia Pitton, Bethany United Church of Christ, Montpelier, VT

Rabbi Shana Margolin, Retired, Montpelier, VT

Reverend Jennie Anderson, St Barnabas Episcopal Church, Norwich, VT

Mrs. Sherry Merrick, First Congregational Church of Thetford, Post Mills, VT

Rev. Dr. Lise Sparrow, NAACP Religious Affairs, Putney, VT

Rev. Dr. Lynn Bujnak, Vermont Conference, UCC, Randolph, VT

Rev. Cn. Susan Ohlidal, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Saint Johnsbury, VT

Attorney Douglas Moore, Sharon, VT

Ms. Carol Bick, All Souls Interfaith Gathering Inc, Shelburne, VT

Rabbi David Fainsilber, Jewish community of greater Stowe, Stowe, VT

Ms. Eleanor Zue, First Congregational Church in Thetford, Thetford, VT

Rev. Robin Junker, Thetford Hill Church, UCC, Thetford, VT

Mr. Ryan Paige, Vermont Interfaith Action, Vershire, VT

Rev. Beth Ann Maier, Christ Church Episcopal, Waterbury, VT

Rev. Sarah Flynn, Ascension ELCA, Williston, VT

Rev. Debbie Ingram, Vermont Interfaith Action, Williston, VT

Sister Marie Heintz, MSOLA, Winooski, VT

Ms. Ann Hostler, Progressive catholic, Anacortes, WA

Mrs. Margaret Snell, First Congregational Church of Bellevue, Bellevue, WA

Mr. Richard Kasper, Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, BELLINGHAM, WA

Mrs.  Jane Ronca-Washburn, Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, Bellingham, WA

Mrs. Judith Kasper, Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, BELLINGHAM, WA

  1. Sita Amba-Rao, Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, Bellingham, WA

Lauralee Carbone, Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, Bellingham, WA

Rev. Doreen Olson, Evangelical Covenant Church, Bellingham, WA

Faye Bartlett, Garden St. UMC, Bellingham, WA

Ms. Esther Golde, Year, Bellingham, WA

Mrs. Lucy Schneid, Roman Catholic, Camas, WA

Miss Rachel Williams, Christian, Ellensburg, Wa

Deacon Juan F. Lezcano, OFS, Secular Franciscan Order, Federal Way, WA

Mr. Robert Brown, United Church in University Place, Fircrest, WA

Robert Brown, Fircrest, WA

Reverend Debra Blane, Presbyterian Church (USA)., Issaquah, WA

Mr. David Stetler, Kirkland, WA

Mr. Glen Anderson, Lutheran, Lacey, WA

Pastor Admin Hall, Lutheran Church in the San Juans, Lopez Island, WA

Joan VanderHaak, Christian Reformed, Lynden, WA

Elder Nancy Ellingham, Mercer Island, WA

Rev. Ryan Rouse, Mount Vernon, WA

Bhiksuni Bhiksuni Chodron, Sravasti Abbey, Newport, WA

Karen Bloomquist, Oak Harbor, WA

Bob Delastrada, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Olympia, WA

Mr. Bob Zeigler, Kateri Circle St. Leo Tacoma, WA Catholic, Olympia, Wa

Caregiver A Lee Miller, St Michael Social Justice Committee, OLYMPIA, WA

Ms. Eleanor van Noppen, United Churches of Olympia, Community Connections Ministry, Olympia, WA

Deacon Terry Barber, Olympia, WA

Mr. Richard Grassl, Carpenters, Pasco, WA

Lawrence Jensen, Community United Methodist Church, Port Ludlow, WA

Dr. Nandini Gunewardena, Christian, Port Orchard, WA

Ms. Sherry Bupp, Redmond, WA

Matthew Boguske, Redmond, WA

Anita Scheunemann, Rochester, WA

Ms. Shary B, Christ Our Hope Catholic Church, Seattle, WA

Mrs. Stephanie Barragan, Christian, Seattle, WA

Executive Director Michael Ramos, Church Council of Greater Seattle, Seattle, WA

Alice Woldt, Faith Action Network, Seattle, wA

Ms. Lorraine Johnson, Gethsemane Lutheran, Seattle, WA

Mrs. Samantha Paulin-Wieland, Lake Burien Presbyterian, Seattle, WA

Barbara Hillier, Peace Lutheran Church, Seattle, WA

Carol Mooney, Plymouth Church UCC, Seattle, WA

Mrs.  Susan Blythe-Goodman, Seattle First Baptist Church, Seattle, WA

Mrs.  Martha Curry, United Church of Christ, Seattle, WA

Professor Aria Fani, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Dr. Lorraine Hartmann, Seattle, WA

Rev. Tiare Mathison, Seattle, WA

Dennis Marceron, Seattle, WA

Kathleen Lake, Seattle, WA

Lorraine Johnson, Seattle, WA

Millie Magner, Seattle, WA

Priscilla Austin, Seattle, WA

Mrs.  Claire Alkire, Episcopalian, Sequim, WA

Emily Kennedy, Shoreline, WA

Catherine Caron, Spokane, WA

John Alder, spokane, WA

Mary Rohde, Sunnyside, WA

Sister Pauline Igoe, Tacoma, WA

Ms. Elizabeth MacKelvie, CUCC of Neenah-Menasha, Appleton, WI

Dick Dierks, Appleton, WI

Joyce Cable, Unitarian Universalist Church West, Brookfield, WI

Sr. Frances Hoffman, Racine Dominican Sisters, DeForest, WI

Mr. Vic Mandarich, Catholic, East Troy, WI

Hugh Fullmer, Fontana, WI

Edward Mrkvicka, FORT  ATKINSON, WI

Donald Brady, Catholic, Green Bay, WI

Mrs. Margaret Mattice, CSJA, Green Bay, WI

Sister Marie DesJarlais, Catholic, La Crosse, WI

Coordinator of Centro Latino Sister Antona Schedlo FSPA, Centro Latino, La Crosse,, WI

Dr. Paul Novak , Madison, WI

Ms. Joyce Anderson, Advent Lutheran/Madison Christian Community, Madison, WI

Rev. Valerie Showalter, Madison Mennonite Church, Madison, WI

Ms. Donna Veatch, United Methodist Church, Madison, WI

Joy Rosenberry Chase, Madison, WI

Theodore Voth, Madison, WI

Rev. Dr. Janet Wolfe, First Presbyterian Church Marshfield WI  (retired), Marshfield, WI

Don McCann, Mequon, WI

Sister Judith Smith, Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Milwaukee, WI

Mr. Thomas Littelmann, Gesu Parish, Milwaukee, WI

sister Helen Malcheski, Member of School Srs. of St. Francis, Milwaukee, WI

Sister Judith Smith, Roman Catholic, Milwaukee, WI

Sister Marilita Lorenz, School Sisters of St Francis, Milwaukee, WI

Rev. Claire Beutler-Cruise, Milwaukee, WI

Margaret Murphy, milwaukee, WI

Reirin Gumbel, Milwaukee, WI

Sam Orlich, Milwaukee, WI

Cecile Adams, Muskego, WI

Joanne Hesselink, Neshkoro, WI

Mrs.  Joanna Boey, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, New Berlin, Wi

Ms. Deb Martin, ELCA, Oshkosh, WI

l aceto, Racine, WI

Ms. Judith Brey, Reedsburg Area Concerned Citizens/ Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Reedsburg, WI

Mr. Paul Zachow, Mr., Saukville, WI

Pastor Frederick Trost, United Church of Christ, Sheboygan, WI

Suzy Holstein, Shorewood, WI

Mr. Nigel Lim , SS, WI

Phil Runkel, Waukesha, WI

Elizabeth Whipps, Wausau, WI

Mark Peters, Catholic, Wauwatosa, WI

Mrs. Kristin Ziama, ELCA Lutheran Church Member, West Bend, WI

Dr. Claudettee Harring, ELCA, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Weston, WI

Sister Karen Vollmer, Racine Dominicans, Racine, WI

Carole Williams, Morgantown, WV

Sister Monica Schieber, Wayne, WV

Carmella Campione, Wheeling, WV

Father Michael Carr, St Joseph Catholic Church, Cheyenne, WY

Philip Pelkey, Member, United Presbyterian Church, Laramie, WY