Tools & Resources

Rise + Vote Toolkit for Clergy & Congregations: In this election cycle, with so much at stake for our families and communities, Faith in Action is mobilizing people of faith and moral values across our nation to exercise their vote as a fundamental expression of our faith commitment. The tools and resources in this Toolkit are designed with you and your congregation in mind, to ensure that with faith, relationship, and the right technology, your members can and do exercise their right to vote on behalf of their families and communities.

Preaching & Teaching Resources for Faith Leaders: Recorded sermons (Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews, Rev. Leslie Callahan, Reza Nekumanesh, Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp, Valarie Kaur), Our Message Matters clergy workshops (Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp + Rev. Dr. Leslie Callahan and Rev. Anastassia Zinke + Bishop Elton Amos) on preaching and teaching on voting, written reflections, prayers and litanies.

How to Build a Voting Program

Overview of Relational Organizing: Written overview of Faith in Action’s Relational Organizing approach to civic engagement, including an introduction to the OutVote tool for friend-to-friend texting and emailing. This tool is used to encourage engagement with the census and upcoming election.

An Overview of Voting Teams

Strategy and Tools for Voter Engagement

Civic Engagement Plan Template: A template for clergy and congregational leaders to use when crafting a congregation-wide civic engagement plan

2020 Congregation Phone Bank / Text Script: An introductory script for getting your phone banks and text campaigns off the ground and into the community!

Ballot Ready Quick Start Guide

OutVote Training – Mobile Version: Instructions for using OutVote tool on mobile phones

OutVote Training – Desktop Version: Instructions for using OutVote tool on desktop computers

Ballot Ready Overview: Overview of very useful and exciting BallotReady tool, which helps voters plan for and research what’s on the ballot in their community.

IRS Compliance for Houses of Worship

Memo on Civic Engagement Work and Elections

Election Checklist for Houses of Worship

Lobbying Rules for Houses of Worship

Download the full 2020 Clergy Toolkit here.