Welcome to Season 6. In this inaugural episode we welcome back Dr. Leah Gunning Francis, Dean at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. A scholar-activist, Dr. Gunning Francis has been featured in the PBS Documentary The Talk: Race in America and the 2021 Sundance film, Ferguson Rises: A Racial Healing Documentary.

In this episode, we dig into her new book, Faith After Ferguson: Resilient Leadership in Pursuit of Racial Justice. A follow up to her first book, Faith And Ferguson, Dr. Leah revisits the clergy and activists from the front lines of the Ferguson Uprising, to hear what they’ve learned in the struggle for justice and healing five years later. 

We talk about what true change looks like when it comes to racial justice, and her unique perspective and experience as both a theological educator and mother of two young boys coming of age in a climate that is in a constant cycle of healing from trauma rooted in racism.

Twitter: @DrLeahGFrancis