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At an election rally in Indiana, this week supporters of the President were chanting “lock her up” as he went on stage, referring to his opponent in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton. The pre-midterm event also including a suggestion from the stage that extending Trump’s presidency beyond two terms was a viable option.

Our environment is being fouled, the rule of law is being degraded, personal greed has replaced service to the nation, extremists and bigotry are venerated, and increasing oppression by race, gender, and class are the order of the day.  And, oh yeah, how’s that $1.50 a week in increased income from ‘tax reform’ doing when it comes to escalating insurance premiums (Trumpcare) and soaring gas prices (backing out of the Iran deal)?

Think the gas tax was bad? Just wait until you see what instability in the Middle East does to prices at the pump.