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“We are, frankly, tired of talking to our state reps about things that they actually don’t listen to,” Cassandra Gould, a pastor and the head of the social justice organization Missouri Faith Voices, said after a press conference Thursday. “We believe that it really needed to be the voters collectively speaking.”

Clean Missouri’s campaign director, Sean Nicholson, said the group had collected almost 347,000 signatures, more than twice the required amount to get a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot. The signatures must be verified by local election authorities and the secretary of state’s office before approving the measure to go before voters.

The initiative would also ban fundraising on state property and require legislators to wait two years before becoming lobbyists. Lobbyist gifts would be capped at $5.

Currently, there are no limits to lobbyist gifts, although they must be reported, and individual lawmakers are exempt from the state’s open records law.

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