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For Planning Purposes: October 28, 2020

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WASHINGTON – Bishop Dwayne Royster, National Political Director for Faith in Action and interim executive director for POWER Philadelphia, has issued a statement on Monday’s shooting of Walter Wallace, Jr., a 27 year-old Black man who suffered from mental health issues that was gunned down by police in front of his family.

“Once again in Philadelphia we are faced with the challenge of bad policing. Monday night, Walter Wallace Jr.’s family had to witness a sight that they will never be able to erase from their memories, in a moment that could have been handled in a way that would have not resulted in death. Many lives are being taken because we are not equipping police with the best tools and training in de-escalation for those that are in crisis. 

“Had the city made investment in other support services – or even bothered to ask a few more questions before pulling out their guns – Walter Wallace would be alive today instead of his family planning a funeral. Policing is not the answer to every crisis. We need to defund our police and create stronger public safety programs that will meet our community’s total needs, and start listening to the unheard whose voices we try to silence. Because if not, we will continue to endure the same cycle of violence and protest, and never see any gains in the city.”


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