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For Immediate Release: May 12, 2023
Contact: Mayra Castro,, 562-841-4377

WASHINGTON – Immigrant justice leaders through Faith in Action’s LA RED, acknowledge that this policy should have never happened in the first place. 

LA RED focuses nationally on dismantling the mass deportation machine and immigrant detention, ending local contracts with ICE, and stopping the cooperation between local governments and ICE. Long-term, LA RED seeks to replace the dominant narrative of othering and criminalization with one that affirms all immigrants are deserving of protection from unjust laws.

Eliana Fernandez, Immigration Director, LA RED, Faith in Action said:

“This policy never should have been implemented, much less extended under President Biden. Using the panic of COVID-19 as an excuse to implement a targeted attack against the Latinx community, and further dehumanize people crossing the border was a low point in our history. Moving forward, the approach of public health and immigration cannot be used against each other. Prioritizing public health is crucial and integral for us to thrive as a society and people’s need to move across borders should be celebrated. We can and must do both.”  

Rev. Alvin Herring, Executive Director, Faith in Action

Title 42 was in its intent and implementation designed to add to the suffering of people who have been harmed and dislocated by failed public policy here and abroad. The Biden Administration and prior administrations have coerced Americans to turn our backs on our brothers and sisters who deserve so much more than the hardships and oppressions that have become daily lives. But we know our faith requires us to resist and to stand with our dear siblings to ensure that they are treated humanely and with dignity.” 

Omar Angel Perez, LA RED Deputy Director and Senior Advisor, International Organizing 

“Title 42 was a policy that harmed more than it helped, and that cannot be understated. The pathway to citizenship does not come through deciding who is worthy of support. As we rid ourselves of this racist policy, we cannot return to a time when immigrants are only valued for their work. All life has inherent value. We must create a system that embraces the humanity of people before focusing on what they can produce. “