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Rodríguez’s case is similar to that of thousands more that are repeated in households with mixed immigration status: she owns a house, three of her six children have DACA, she works with a temporary permit, she is the support of her family here, and she is day with your taxes . In addition, she is very active in her church, “Misión del Buen Samaritano”, in the town of Hyattsville.

He emigrated illegally from Honduras in 2005 not only because of the violence that consumes that Central American country but also because he has a disabled son, Osmán, with high medical needs and who depends on his remittances to survive there.

“We came here today because we want her not to be deported and, second, to send a message to the Administration and ICE that they can not continue to mistreat people. As a community of faith, we are going to be aware of their actions, ready to respond every time a member of our community faces deportation, “Omar Angel Pérez, local organizer of the Sanctuary Congregations Network of the capital area, told this newspaper.

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