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ATLANTA – The Black Southern Women’s Collaborative (BSWC) marked Holy Week by urging people of faith to remember Christ’s sacrifice and his commands to believers. The BSWC further urged people of faith and organizers for racial justice to remember those whom Jesus called, “the least of these” – those who are cast aside, abandoned in their suffering or otherwise marginalized. The BSWC, comprised of Phyllis Hill, national organizing director for Faith in Action; Kendra Cotton, executive director of the New Georgia Project; the Rev. Rhonda Thomas, executive director of Faith in Florida; Nsombi Lambright, executive director of One Voice; Ashley K. Shelton, president and founder of the Power Coalition for Equity & Justice; and Tameka Greer, president of Memphis Artists for Change, issued the following statement:

“There were spectators who watched the suffering of Christ,” Greer said. “We should not be spectators to the suffering of those in peril. Christ’s suffering gave us a charge, and it includes caring for the least of these, who are in all our communities.”

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