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For Immediate Release – Feb. 26, 2018

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BROOKSVILLE, FL — Gov. Ron DeSantis today announced his expected support for state legislation (SB 168) that would ban “sanctuary policies” by city and county governments, even though none exist, and provide maximum resources to enforce immigration law, which is a function of the federal government.

By his announcement, the governor is endorsing harsh anti-immigrant policies that target immigrants and communities of color, regardless of status.

The following are statements from Richard Morales, Policy and Program Director for Faith in Action’s immigration initiative, LA RED; and Maria Revelles, Deputy Director of Faith in Florida:

“True to form, Florida’s governor marches in lock step with the White House, advancing policies and proposed laws that, not only target immigrants unlawfully, but make all of Florida’s communities less safe because of the understandable fear immigrants have about coming forward to assist local police in law enforcement issues, including serving as witnesses to accidents or crimes,” Morales said. “But the more the president has pushed his racist agenda against immigrants, the more voters across the country have rejected it, and so, too, will Florida voters,” Morales added.

“Faith in Florida stands in solidarity with our immigrant families and communities,” Revelles said. “As leaders of faith, we are committed to the protection and security of immigrants. We believe that policies, like the ones announced by Gov. DeSantis today, will only add to the fears already present in immigrant families and communities. There are no sanctuary cities in Florida, but we believe in the principles of sanctuary to protect the most vulnerable among us.”


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