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WASHINGTON–Voting is a sacred right, say leaders with Faith in Action and its state based Alabama federation who condemned this week’s ruling by the Supreme Court which would disenfranchise Black Alabamians. Attacks on voting rights have spiked in the wake of the 2020 election, which saw historic turnout among communities of color, and yesterday’s ruling is just the latest example of the conservative push to erode democratic freedoms. Below are statements from national and Alabama-based faith leaders:

Alvin Herring, executive director, Faith in Action: “How can the conservative Supreme Court justices call themselves people of faith while also attacking our sacred and constitutional right to vote? For as long as the United States has existed, our democracy has been imperfectly executed as voting rights have been and remain out of reach for so many. But over the past century, thanks to the tireless efforts of Black and Brown organizer’s the promise of democracy has been granted to millions more. That is until conservative leaders, many of whom proclaim to be people of faith, decided to wage a war on our very democracy by disenfranchising Black Americans. As people of faith and conscience, we have to meet this crisis head on and demand that our leaders uphold the constitution for all Americans, not just the privileged few.”  

Daniel Schwartz, executive director, Faith in Action Alabama: 

“We’re disheartened that SCOTUS has sided with Alabama officials that seek to undermine democracy and create the space to politically silence the voice of African American Alabamians. This redistricting plan highlights efforts by Alabama’s Republican controlled committee to oppress voters rather than expand democracy. Redistricting, voter ID laws, and felony disenfranchisement are a collection of sinister efforts in Alabama to blunt the democratic voice of Alabama’s Black community. 

Let’s be clear – this antidemocratic agenda is Pharaoh seeking to find new ways to block the honoring of all. But we are committed, with our allies, to bring praise, honor, glory to God of Liberation through helping ensure the voices, cries, and dreams are honored throughout Alabama.  Faith in Action Alabama is committed to working at the grassroots level and in the halls of power to create a thriving democracy throughout Alabama, across race and zip code lines. We are working with allies to remove barriers to voting faced by formerly incarcerated Alabamians and will move a robust voter engagement campaign leading up to this year’s November.” 

Andrea Marta, chief strategy officer and Rise + Vote director: “In 2020, Black and Brown communities turned out to vote in record numbers. The election results were a testament to the hard work of continuously marginalized communities—and many, including members of the highest court in the land, see our voice as a threat. Yesterday’s decision by the conservative members of the Supreme Court is not about the Constitution. It’s about suppressing Black and Brown voices, because they know the power that we hold and the leaps toward justice we make when we raise our voices in unison.” 




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