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June 27, 2023
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Leaders with Faith in Action celebrate the protection of voting rights for communities of color with the decision in Moore v. Harper case

WASHINGTON – Leaders with Faith in Action, the country’s largest faith-based grassroots organizing network, applauded today’s Supreme Court decision in Moore v. Harper, and emphasized the faithful commitment to ensure all people have equitable representation and access to the ballot box. 

In a momentous decision, SCOTUS rejected an argument from North Carolina lawmakers that attempted to push the “Independent State Legislature Theory.” The theory was another effort from the state legislature’s pursuit to codify an appalling congressional map drawing that dilutes the voting power of communities of color, and disempowers voters from challenging partisan gerrymandering altogether. 

“As people of faith, we have a moral responsibility to protect our democracy and make sure every single person has the opportunity to have their voice heard,” said the Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews, deputy director and chief faith officer, Faith in Action. “This ruling is a huge victory for Black and Brown voters especially, who constantly face efforts to silence their political voices. The work does not end here, but this is a momentous step in the right direction.”

“This is the first step of many in protecting the voting rights of historically marginalized communities,” said Andrea Marta, chief strategy officer, Faith in Action. “We have so much more work to do to ensure all people count equally when it comes to voting. Legislatures know how much power we hold as voting blocs, and this was just another attempt to suppress Black and Brown voices. 

“The right to vote is sacred,” said Reza Nekumanesh, national co-director of clergy organizing at Faith in Action. “This historic decision demonstrates the impact that faith-based organizing has when defending democracy, and is a result of the tireless work of organizers across North Carolina, who worked day in and day out to protect our right to vote. The only way that we can fulfill our promise of voting rights is if every American has free and fair access to the ballot box.”