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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 22, 2020

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The campaign aims to organize and encourage faith-led BIPOC voters to make their voices heard at the ballot box

WASHINGTON — Today, in tandem with National Voter Registration Day, Faith in Action launched its 2020 Get out the Vote campaign Rise + Vote. The initiative aims to educate and mobilize BIPOC voters — many of whom have long been shut out from the democratic process — to wield the power of their vote in November’s consequential election.

While activism is not and cannot be limited to the ballot box, voting is one of the most important actions that we can take in order to hold our elected leaders accountable. Every year, millions of people across the country are unable to vote because they miss the registration deadline, don’t have a chance to update their registration information, or are unsure how to register.

Rise + Vote is a comprehensive education, registration, and mobilization campaign that aims to make sure that forgotten voices are heard. Congregations are one of the most powerful organizing tools we have, and it is through our faith that we will move our brothers and sisters to act. Only when we overcome voter suppression, and everyone who has a right to vote exercises this power, the true results of our democracy will be seen.

“As people of faith, each of us must consider how we can best steer our nation toward a future where everyone can share in full democracy, and that means ensuring equal access to the vote for all,” said Rev. Alvin Herring, executive director of Faith in Action. “There is a massive, organized and well-funded effort across the country to suppress the voices and the votes of our BIPOC brothers and sisters. We are fighting back against this injustice, and working to bring the collective power of these communities to the ballot box.”

“This year is different for us, we’re working to protect voters not just from voter suppression, but also from COVID-19 so we’re working overtime. We are on the cusp of a consequential election, amid a pandemic that has disproportionately disadvantaged Black and Brown communities and a national reckoning with systemic racism,” said Andrea Marta, Faith in Action’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Our vote is only one tool of many we can and should use to wield our political power. But we are in a moment where it is more important than ever to ensure our voices are heard, and we must use all tools at our disposal.”

“It’s been said that disorganized truth will find it difficult to defeat organized lies. Our faith institutions are needed now more than ever as a catalyst to organize our people into voter registration and voter day readiness success. We must vote for justice, freedom and peace in record numbers. The first step is to ensure you are registered to vote. Check your status now,” added Pastor Michael McBride, director of Faith in Action’s LIVE FREE Campaign.

Rich Morales, policy and program director for Faith in Action’s LA RED campaign, said, “Register to vote, it’s the only way to participate in the November 3 election. By taking a few minutes to register, a few minutes to vote by mail or in-person, you can change the course of history. We know that faith without works is dead, so we are working to ensure that as many people as possible can fulfill this duty.”


Faith in Action, formerly known as PICO National Network, is the largest grassroots, faith-based organizing network in the United States. The nonpartisan organization works with 1,000 religious congregations in more than 200 cities and towns through its 46 local and state federations. For more information, visit www.faithinaction.org.

Faith in Action is a 501c(3). Faith in Action and its affiliates are non-partisan and are not aligned explicitly or implicitly with any candidate or party. We do not endorse or support candidates for office. 



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