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I woke up today with a divided and heavy heart. One side of my heart is filled with wonder, awe, and magic.

I wake up between 2:30am and 4am to feed my two week-old son, Francisco, a bottle of leche, lots of which has been donated by kind, generous friends, family, and PICO colleagues who have scavenged store shelves in search of baby formula. I look at Francisco, and I glimpse into the future, and I pray that he will inherit a world that will love him back. A world where we have evolved from a small, selfish, fearful version of our human condition into a more enlightened, more equitable and compassionate version. Where we value human life and our common home above all else. Where we strive for success as a society based upon the well-being and uplifting of the poorest, most excluded members of our communities.

The other side of my heart is filled with sadness, with overwhelm, with indignation and rage.

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