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Across Philadelphia, the overdose epidemic is ripping apart families and shattering lives. Marginalized communities suffer the most, perpetuating a cycle of suffering borne of generations of disinvestment and exacerbated by COVID-19. We must take a thoughtful and compassionate approach to addressing this crisis.

First, we must confront a sobering reality: the Black community now bears the brunt of the overdose epidemic. In 2021, more Black Philadelphians died of overdoses than did members of any other group, and fatal overdoses are increasing faster for Black Philadelphians than they are for any other group. In 2022, the City’s number of unintentional overdose deaths was nearly triple the number of homicides.

As a faith leader, I have mourned with the families of overdose victims, and I dream of a day when no more families will have to shoulder that kind of grief. Our faith calls us to respond to the needs of all people, casting aside our fears and prejudices.

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