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BROCKTON – A multifaith, multiethnic nonprofit organization from the greater Brockton area recently launched two initiatives to meet the needs of people from the community who are suffering as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

In response to the increasingly difficult situation caused by the pandemic’s impact in the city, Brockton Interfaith Community recently announced two initiatives: The BIC Emergency COVID-19 Fund and the Mutual Aid Brockton Facebook group.

BIC, as its known for short, said the emergency fund will be accepting donations to provide emergency assistance to city residents in need, while the new Mutual Aid Brockton Facebook group is serving as a platform to coordinate donations of food, face masks and other necessities.

“We love the city and really wanted to get out there to figure out what we could do to support the community,” said William Dickerson II, the executive director of Brockton Interfaith Community, an organization that was founded by church and temple leaders in Brockton in 1990. “In the past few weeks, we found that there was so much hurt and pain, so much fear and anxiety happening in relation to COVID-19. We wanted to be part of the solution.”

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