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Clergy leaders and spiritual elders are the chief interpreters of the sacred traditions represented in Faith in Action’s organizing work. Through teaching, ritual, and public proclamation, they accompany our diverse communities of faith and spirituality in reflecting and acting upon our deepest commitments and convictions. Faith in Action’s National Clergy Organizing team directly supports the formation and development of these clergy and the organizers who work with them across our network. Together, in our religious, ethical, and spiritual traditions, we find the means and imperative to encounter, disrupt, re-imagine, and prophetically act out justice in the world today.

The Prophetic Resistance Project guides much of this engagement. Our team works in partnership with Faith in Action’s national campaigns, including LIVE FREE and LA RED, to provide in-person and online trainings, facilitation, coaching, and consultation, all rooted in the movement toward liberative spiritual awakening. These trainings and resources are most directly engaged via your local Faith in Action federation.




Our national work is made possible through strong, local organizing. Get involved in your local federation to be a part of this movement.

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