Faith in Action International’s newest organizing project, Organisation Peuple Œcuménique pour le Developpment du Nord-Est (OPODNE), was formally launched in August 2014 by 100 leaders from across Northeast Haiti who approved their constitution, elected officers, and pledged to put their faith in action to improve the quality of life for the many families facing poverty and marginalization.

Leaders gather weekly to tackle issues fundamental to the survival of their children and families. Communities are organizing their labor for basic sanitation, establishing computer training centers for youth, building roads to get their crops to market, and forming cooperatives to establish a source of income.

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April 18, 2019

Faith in Action Joins Nationwide Racial Equity Groups in Launch of Website for Voters to Share Stories of Voting Rights Infringement        

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 18, 2019   Contact: Erin Williams,, (202) 748-0699 or  Heather Cabral, aims to drive change ahead of 2020 presidential election  WASHINGTON – Ahead of…

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April 16, 2019

Criminal Justice, Economic Dignity

Local group proposes plan that would reform bail for nonviolent, misdemeanor offenses

Locking someone up in the Hamilton County Justice Center costs $69 a day, according to Cincinnati City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld. It's a…

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Economic Dignity, Immigrant Justice

Florida sanctuary cities bill ‘neither loving nor compassionate’ | Commentary

For the past six years, Pope Francis has consistently challenged people of faith and all people of good will to open our hearts…

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