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STEP ONE: Follow Faith in Action on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

STEP TWO: Use #FaithForum2022

STEP THREE: Use these links, graphics, handles and sample posts before and during the National Faith Forum!



Monday, February 28:

  • Social Engagement Challenge: Which part of the Faith Forum are you most excited about? Pull out your phone and share your response on Twitter or Facebook with #FaithForum2022.
  • 5:40 p.m. ET: FACEBOOK LIVEWelcome to the 2022 Faith Forum!

Day One Speaker Handles:

  • @FIAnational – Faith in Action
  • @LaRed_FIA – LA RED, Faith in Action’s immigrant justice campaign
  • @weresistpodcast, Prophetic Resistance Podcast
  • @RevAlvinHerring – Rev. Alvin Herring, Executive Director of Faith in Action
  • @nanci_7 – Nanci Palacios, Emcee of Faith Forum
  • @CharleneDWalker – Charlene Walker, Emcee of Faith Forum 
  • @PadreVidalRivas – Padre Vidal, Intention Setting
  • @AndreaLMarta –  Andrea Marta, Executive Director of Faith in Action Fund
  • @DeniseThriving – Denise P. Collazo, Senior Advisor for External Affairs of Faith in Action

Tuesday, March 1:

  • Social Engagement Challenge: Share one insight from the Faith Forum on Twitter with #FaithForum2022. It could be a quote, reflection, or favorite moment!
  • 9 p.m. ET: Participants will watch the State of the Union: Join us virtually on Twitter with #FaithForum2022

Day Two Speaker Handles:

Panel Handles

  • Moderator: @phyllmhill – Phyllis M. Hill
  • @ddroyster – Bishop Dwayne Royster
  • @MoralesPepp09 – Catalina Morales
  • @thedigger58 – Rev. Juard Barnes

Trainers/Facilitators Handles

  • Clergy Track
    • @DethIm – Rev. Deth Im
    • @edwin4thehumans – Edwin Robinson
    • @JosephFleming6 – Joe Fleming
  • Leader/Organizer Track
    • @phyllmhill – Phyllis M. Hill
    • @dingramvt – Debbie Ingram
    • @thedigger58 – Rev. Juard Barnes
    • @GordonTWhitman – Gordon Whitman
  • Director Track
    • @ddroyster – Bishop Dwayne Royster
    • @GordonTWhitman – Gordon Whitman
    • @CassandraJ_FIA – Cassandra Jones
    • @edwin4thehumans – Edwin Robinson
    • @powerinterfaith – Kendra Cochran
  • Organizing 101
    • @omar_tocho – Omar Perez Angel
    • @mysfianow – Monica Sommerville
    • @MoralesPepp09 – Catalina Morales
    • @elianadreams – Eliana Fernandez
    • @AlexVilaTrains – Alejandra Vila
  • Facilitator Training
    • @MoralesPepp09 – Catalina Morales
    • @RevAlvinHerring – Rev. Alvin Herring
    • @fmj133 – Felicia Yoda
  • Data Training
    • @fmj133 – Felicia Yoda
    • @Denise4Sparks – Denise Lopez 
    • @armadillo_x – Amir Arman
    • @BroaderImpact – Christine Amuzie
    • Nicole Barnes
    • @agreenmountain – Andrew Greenberg

Wednesday, March 2:

    • Faith Reflection: What does your faith look like? Share your response with the hashtag – #FaithForum2022
    • Social Engagement Challenge: Take a photo during your advocacy visit or at the action, tag your Members of Congress and let them know why you are taking action with #FaithForum2022.
    • 10:00am ET: FACEBOOK LIVE – Action and Advocacy Day

Advocacy Day Call to Action: Tell your Members of Congress to protect our voting rights and remove criminal bars to DACA

Voting Rights and Immigration: Path to Citizenship with a focus on Criminal Bars to DACA.

Target for Voting Rights

  • Biden (@POTUS) and Administration/Department of Justice (@TheJusticeDept) – Why: We are asking the DOJ to use its power to protect the right to vote including the use of litigation and act with urgency to overpower and outpace attempts to diminish the will of voters.
  • Democratic Leadership: Sen. Schumer – @SenSchumer

Target for Immigration

  • President Biden – @POTUS
  • Senate Leadership: Sen. Schumer – @SenSchumer

Rev. Alvin Herring will be on Facebook LIVE for Revolutionary Faith

Thursday, March 3:

  • Social Engagement Challenge: What is one commitment that you will make after attending the 2022 Faith Forum? Tweet your commitment with #FaithForum2022.
  • 10 a.m. ET: FACEBOOK LIVEClosing the Faith Forum

Additional Information:

  • Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews, host of the Prophetic Resistance Podcast, will go live on the PRP’s Facebook page throughout the Faith Forum with clergy and faith leaders
  • LA RED Comandantes (Eli, Alex, Cirenio, Brittany) will go live on Instagram throughout the Faith Forum @lared_fia
  • Throughout the 2022 Faith Forum, Faith in Action will share photos and go live on Facebook and Instagram with #FaithForum2022. Tune in!


  1. .@FIAnational’s #FaithForum2022 is finally here! Tune in TODAY at 6:00 p.m. ET for the welcome ceremony on their Facebook page! Watch here:
  2. HAPPENING TODAY: @FIAnational’s #FaithForum2022 is here! We will kick off the second annual Faith Forum live on Facebook at 6:00 p.m. ET! Tune in to hear from various faith leaders and what you can expect out of #FaithForum2022 in the coming days! Join us:
  3. Don’t miss the live kickoff of @FIAnational’s #FaithForum2022 TODAY at 6:00 p.m. ET! The second annual Faith Forum! Tune in here:
  4. #FaithForum2022 is now streaming live! Join @FIAnational virtually as people of faith from across the country gather to reflect, learn, and move forward together! Tune in here:
  5. HAPPENING TODAY: @FIAnational’s “Culture Setting of Organizing” Panel moderated by @phyllmhill will be streamed live from #FaithForum2022 at 9 a.m. ET! Featured panelists include @ddroyster, @MoralesPepp09, and @thedigger58! Tune in here:
  6. Join @FIAnational for their “Culture Setting of Organizing” Panel, moderated by @phyllmhill, streaming NOW! Panelists include, @ddroyster, @MoralesPepp09, and @thedigger58! Tune in here:
  7. Are you ready for the State of the Union address? We will be watching it live at the #FaithForum2022. Join us with #FaithForum2022!
  8. TONIGHT: Watch the State of the Union address virtually with @FIAnational! Join the discussion here by using the hashtag #FaithForum2022
  9. I am going to be watching the State of the Union address with @FIAnational  tonight. Watch with us using #FaithForum2022!
  10. Restricting voting rights by narrowing access to the ballot disproportionately impacts black & other voters of color & undermines our trust in our democracy. We are calling on the DOJ to take any necessary steps to protect our vote. @POTUS #SOTU #VotingRights #FaithForum2022
  11. Criminal bars to DACA amplify the impact policing has on communities of color. Minor traffic offenses should not be considered when reviewing Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals requests. #SOTU #DACA #FaithForum2022
  12. Join us TODAY for our Action and Advocacy Day March 2 at 10:00 a.m. ET on @FIAnational’s Facebook Live! #FaithForum2022
  13. People of faith from across the country are in Washington, #DC taking action in order to pass a pathway to citizenship with a focus on criminal bars to #DACA and protect our voting rights. Help us tell @SenSchumer and @POTUS to take action today!
  14.  .@SenSchumer, our voting rights are sacred. We are in D.C. calling on the DOJ to do everything in its power to uphold and protect the constitutional right of every citizen to VOTE! Will you join us? #FaithForum2022
  15. Voter ID laws, restrictions on mail-in voting & other restrictive laws target communities of color & place voting roadblocks. I am joining @FIAnational in calling on the DOJ to use every tool at its disposal to protect our vote & overpower attempts to diminish the will of voters.
  16. We are calling on the DOJ to take action and do everything they can to protect our voting rights! @SenSchumer will you join us in demanding the protection of our voting rights? #FaithForum2022
  17. As people of faith, we believe everyone has the sacred right to #vote. @SenSchumer, will you do everything in your power to ensure the DOJ ensures that our voting rights are protected? #FaithForum2022
  18. CALL TO ACTION: As people of faith from diverse communities we believe that the right to vote is sacred & rooted in the human dignity of all. We are calling on the DOJ to use every legal tool at its disposal to attack every restrictive voting law in every state. Will you join us?